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Awesome Open Source

T-UI Linux CLI Launcher

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Useful links

@tui_launcher           -->
Official community  -->     Reddit
Official Group           -->     Telegram
Wiki                             -->
FAQ                             -->

Some mentions


Pull requests are welcome. But before you decide to make a major change you should contact me (e-mail) in order to check if I'm going to include your change in t-ui, so you don't waste your time.

How to format a bug report

  1. Set "Bug report" as subject
  2. Describe the issue, when it happens, how to reproduce it
  3. English! (or Italian, at least)
  4. Include any screenshot that you think could help (outputs, UI, etc..)
  5. Include any file that you think could help (behavior.xml, ui.xml, etc..)
  6. Send it to [email protected]

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