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Why Ansible ?

  • Modularity: Roles as modules.
  • Factorization: It uses jinja2 templating engine.
  • Simplicity: No agent, only SSH, available via pip.
  • Flexibility: Push your dotfiles from/to any hosts.
  • Toolbox: Dry-run mode, diff mode, secrets encryption, tags...

How to

Use carefully, backup your home before using !
You should use --check and --diff to dryrun first.

Check details in roles/*/

This project only manages dotfiles.
To install required packages, use arch-config or nix-config.

1. Fork Me!
2. Clone your repo
git clone*/dotfiles

Then, configure desktop environment in group_vars/all.yml.

3. Configure inventory

Create inventory file from template.

cd dotfiles
cp hosts.template hosts

Add your hostnames in section:

  • cli: only cli dotfiles
  • desktop: cli dotfiles + desktop environment
    Define which user will get configurations with ansible_user var.
a. localhost run
localhost ansible_connection=local
b. multiple hosts run

Note: desktop hosts can't use root.

server1 ansible_user=root
host1 ansible_user=user
host2 ansible_user=user2
4. Configure SSH

Push your SSH public key on all your [email protected]

ssh-copy-id -i path/to/ssh/ [email protected]
5. (Dry)Run
ansible-playbook install.yml -CD
ansible-playbook install.yml

For desktop hosts, if ansible_user is sudoer, to install cli tools for root, use:

ansible-playbook install.yml -l host1 -b -K


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