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  1. Copy the formerly directory into your craft/plugins directory
  2. Browse to Settings > Plugins in the Craft CP
  3. Click on the Install button next to Formerly

Setting up forms

Users (both admin and client) can easily create forms in the Formerly admin section, under the Forms tab. A form consists of:

  • A name, used as the title of the form that a visitor to the site may see
  • A handle, used to programatically refer to this form
  • Several emails that will be sent upon the submission of a form by a visitor
  • Several questions which make up the form

Outputting the form

A form can be rendered using, e,g.

{% set form = craft.formerly.form('handle') %}
{% include 'form.html' with { form: form } %}

Where form.html is Twig code that iterates through the form's questions, creating form markup. An example form.html is provided with the source code for this plugin.

You can also obtain a form instance by having a content editor select a form using the Formerly field type, e.g.

{% include 'form.html' with { form: entry.form } %}

Viewing submissions

Form submissions are a Craft Element, which means that you can query them using regular ElementCriteriaModels. For example, to list submissions to the competition form who have selected Australia as their country:

{% set submissions = craft.formerly.submissions('competition')
  .sort('dateCreated desc') %}
{% for submission in submissions %}
  Name: {{ submission.formhandle_name }}
  Email: {{ submission.formhandle_email }}
  {# ... #}
{% endfor %}

Subscribe to Mailchimp Lists

This function allows for subscribers to be directly subscribed to your mailchimp list.

  1. When adding a form, switch ON the Mailchimp toggle.
  2. Enter your Mailchimp username - used to sign in to mailchimp
  3. Enter your Mailchimp API key
  4. Enter your Mailchimp List Id
  5. For each question, if you have a Custom Merge Tag set in Mailchimp, you must add it under Mailchimp Merge Tag

Each submission will then be added to the list in Mailchimp


  • Better validation
  • More question attributes, e.g. placeholder, error messages

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