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eifinger's Appdaemon Scripts

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This is the repository containing all my Appdaemon apps.

Used together with my Homeassistant config which you can find here:

I use Appdaemon for all my automations since I am a programmer myself and it provides me with all the possibilities of the Python world and a far better debugging experience than HA Automations or nodered.

This is a continuous work in progress and I am no real Python programmer. So any comments are highly appreciated.

How to contribute

Just open an Issue or a Pull Request for any Comments, Questions, etc.

Or you can message me on twitter : @eifinger

How to use

If you have never used Appdaemon before I suggest you start with the tutorial and the guide. Both contain more links to great tutorials and examples.

I tried to write each App in this repository with reusability in mind. This means that every app in here has a short documentation and is (if possible) written to be easily adjusted to your environment and your needs.


Every App has an input_boolean inside HA which turns it on/off. This is useful if I don't want any notifications right now or an App is misbehaving.

App list


Are explained here


App to Turn on Receiver Bluetooth when Alexa is playing something so it plays on the big speakers. Uses a custom_component for control alexa as a media player.

  module: alexaSpeakerConnector
  class: AlexaSpeakerConnector
  app_switch: input_boolean.alexaSpeakerConnector
  alexa_entity: media_player.kevins_echo_dot_oben
  alexa_entity_source: Denon AVR-X1300W
  receiver: media_player.denon_avr_x1300w
  receiver_source: Bluetooth


Sends a notification if a WARNING or ERROR is logged in Appdaemon

  module: appWatcher
  class: AppWatcher
  notify_name: kevin
  include_log_message_in_notification: True
  notify_message: "Es ist ein Fehler aufgetreten in App: {}"
  #notify_message: "An Error occurred in App: {}"
    - Notifier


Alarm Clock App inspired by this forum post. It fades in my bedroom light and sends a notifcation. The fade in and alarm time is defined by input_number sliders in HA

  module: alarmClock
  class: AlarmClock
  alarm_time: sensor.alarm_time
  wakemeup: input_boolean.wakemeup
  naturalwakeup: input_number.alarm_natural_wakeup_fade_in
  alarmweekday: input_boolean.alarmweekday
  radiowakeup: input_boolean.radiowakeup
  #TODO radioplayer: input_select.wakeup_radioplayer
  wakeup_light: light.bedroom_yeelight
  isweekday: binary_sensor.workday_today
  notify_name: group_notifications
  message: "Guten Morgen!"
  #message: "Good Morning!"



My multipurpose App to link any switch/light to a Xiaomi Button.

You can map different entities to the click types single and double.

For the 1st Generation Button you can hold the button to use it as a light dimmer.

  module: buttonClicked
  class: ButtonClicked
  sensor: binary_sensor.switch_158d0001b12a12
  actor_single: light.bedroom_yeelight
  actor_double: group.all
  actor_hold: light.bedroom_yeelight
    - Notifier


When the front door openes and no one was home before this will turn on something. I am using it to turn on the light (if the sun is down) and turn on the receiver so I can hear Alexa

  module: comingHome
  class: ComingHome
  app_switch: input_boolean.coming_home_yeelight
  sensor: binary_sensor.door_window_sensor_158d000126a57b
  isHome: input_boolean.is_home
  actor: switch.large_lamp
  after_sundown: True


App which toggles entities for single/double/hold presses of Xiaomi buttons connected via deconz.

This app is installed via HACS.

The repository itself with the full documentation can be found on github: appdaemon-deconz-xiaomi-button

  module: deconz_xiaomi_button
  class: DeconzXiaomiButton
  id: round_button_schlafzimmer
  actor_single: light.bedroom_yeelight
  actor_double: group.all
  actor_hold: light.bedroom_yeelight


Checks a list of entities which should be on/off when everybody left the house. If something isn't right it will try to turn it off (e.g. a light) and send a notification.

  module: detectWrongStateWhenLeaving
  class: DetectWrongStateWhenLeaving
  app_switch: input_boolean.detect_wrong_state_when_leaving
  entities_off: "binary_sensor.door_window_sensor_158d000205b808,binary_sensor.door_window_sensor_158d00020499ad,\
  message: "Du hast {} angelassen. Ich habe es für dich ausgemacht."
  #message: "You left on {}. I turned it off for you"
  message_off: "Du hast {} vergessen anzumachen. Ich habe es für dich angemacht."
  #message_off: "You forgot to turn on {}. I turned it on for you"
  message_reed: "Du hast {} offen gelassen."
  #message_reed: "You left open {} Dummy."
  message_reed_off: "Du hast {} zu gelassen."
  #message_reed_off: "You left {} closed Dummy."
  isHome: input_boolean.is_home


Monitor all events. Useful for debugging and developing

  module: eventMonitor
  class: Monitor




Monitors my Travel Time Sensors e.g. between home and work. I can enable an input_boolean in HA which causes this App to send me a notication as soon as the traffic is in an acceptable range. I use this drive to/from work when there is the least traffic.

  module: travelTimeNotifier
  class: TravelTimeNotifier
  sensor: sensor.travel_time_home_from_work
  notify_input_boolean: input_boolean.travel_time_home_from_work
  notify_name: group_notifications
  message: "Du kannst losfahren nach {}"
  #message: "You can start your journey to {}"



Sets a sensor in Homeassistant which is checked by an automation. The automation sends out a notification if appdaemon does not respond.


Greet the person coming home with a notification

  module: homeArrivalNotifier
  class: HomeArrivalNotifier
  app_switch: input_boolean.home_arrival_notifier_user_one
  input_boolean: input_boolean.user_one_home
  notify_name: group_notifications
  user_name: Kevin
  zone_name: Home
  message: "Willkommen zu Hause {}."
  #message: "Welcome Home {}."


Controls an input_boolean "isHome" which is used as a trigger for other Apps. The state depends on other input_booleans controlled by the isUserHomeDeterminer

  module: isHomeDeterminer
  class: IsHomeDeterminer
  app_switch: input_boolean.is_home_determiner
  ishome: input_boolean.is_home
  input_booleans: input_boolean.user_one_home,input_boolean.user_two_home
  message: "Es ist keiner mehr zu Hause. Setze isHome auf off"
  #message: "Everyone left home. Setting isHome to off"


The GPS Logger tells me where someone is. But I want to know for sure who just came in the door. App to toggle an input boolean when a person enters or leaves home. This is determined based on a combination of a GPS device tracker and the door sensor.

  • If the door sensor opens and the device_tracker changed to "home" in the last self.delay minutes this means someone got home
  • If the door sensor opens and the device_tracker changes to "not_home" in the next self.delay minutes this means someone left home
  module: isUserHomeDeterminer
  class: IsUserHomeDeterminer
  app_switch: input_boolean.is_user_home_determiner_user_one
  input_boolean: input_boolean.user_one_home
  device_tracker: person.kevin
  door_sensor: binary_sensor.door_window_sensor_158d000126a57b


Notify if a user is leaving a zone after being there for a certain amount of time. I use this to notify my SO that I am leaving work and driving home

  module: leavingZoneNotifier
  class: LeavingZoneNotifier
  app_switch: input_boolean.leaving_work_notifier_user_one
  device: person.kevin
  user_name: Kevin
  lingering_time: 3600
  delay: 120
  zone: Arbeit
  notify_name: group_notifications
  message: "{} hat {} vor {} Minuten verlassen."
  travel_time_sensor: sensor.travel_time_home_user_one
  travel_time_sensor_message: "Die momentane Reisezeit beträgt {}."
    - Notifier


Turn something on/off when a motion sensor turns on. Automatically turn it off again after a delay.

  module: motionTrigger
  class: MotionTrigger
  app_switch: input_boolean.bath_motion_trigger
  sensor: binary_sensor.0x00158d000236b801_occupancy
  entity_on: light.lower_bathroom_yeelight
  entity_off: light.lower_bathroom_yeelight
  sensor_type: zigbee2mqtt
  after_sundown: True
  turn_off_constraint_entities_on: binary_sensor.0x00158d0001fa464b_occupancy
  delay: 300


Actually a wrong name. This will send me a notification when any device_tracker component detects a new device. I initally thought to use this as a security feature but found it quite useful when adding new Sonoff switches and such. I get a notification if the setup was successfull.

Version 1.2: Displays two buttons which let me control the internet access for the new device. The configured fritzbox standard profile denies internet access. With this I can easily allow my guests access to the internet without logging in to my fritzbox manually.

  module: newWifiDeviceNotify
  class: DeviceNotify
  notify_name: group_notifications
  message: "Unbekanntes Gerät entdeckt. Hostname: {}. MAC: {}."
  #message: "Unknown device connected. Hostname: {}. MAC: {}"


Send me a notification when it is time to leave for my next appointment based on my current location. Inspired by this blog post.

  • Selectable travel mode (car/bus/walk/bike)
  • Only for google calendar events which have a location
  • Adjustable offset when to notify
  • Includes a direct Google Maps Navigation Link in Notification Message

Saved my ass quite a few times

  module: nextAppointmentLeaveNotifier
  class: NextAppointmentLeaveNotifier
  sensor: sensor.calc_leave_time
  notify_input_boolean: input_boolean.announce_time_to_leave
  notify_name: group_notifications
  input_number: input_number.leave_time_offset
  destination_name_sensor: sensor.cal_next_appointment_location
  travel_time_sensor: sensor.travel_time_next_appointment_location
  message: "Es ist Zeit loszufahren nach {}. Du brauchst {} Minuten. Hier ist ein Google Maps Link: {}"
  #message: "It's time to leave to {}. It will take {} minutes. Here is a Google Maps Link: {}"

nextAppointmentLeaveNotifier next_appoint_leave_modifier_notification


Notify me of any event for a list of entities when no one is at home. For example a door being openend or a motion sensor triggered

  module: notifyOfActionWhenAway
  class: NotifyOfActionWhenAway
  app_switch: input_boolean.notify_of_action_when_away
  sensor: "binary_sensor.door_window_sensor_158d000126a57b,binary_sensor.door_window_sensor_158d0001bb4d94,\
  isHome: input_boolean.is_home
  user_name: group_notifications
  isHome_delay: 20
  message: "Alarm: {} ist gewechselt auf {}"
  #message: "Alarm: {} changed to {}"



Remind us to water the plants in the morning when the precipiation propability is too low. This uses a Telegram Chatbot. We can press a button in the notification to tell the App that we watered the plants. If we don't do that we get reminded again in the evening.

  module: plantWateringNotifier
  class: PlantWateringNotifier
  app_switch: input_boolean.plant_watering_notifier
  rain_precip_sensor: sensor.dark_sky_precip_probability
  rain_precip_intensity_sensor: sensor.dark_sky_precip_intensity
  precip_type_sensor: sensor.dark_sky_precip
  notify_name: group_notifications
  user_id: secret! telegram_user_id
  reminder_acknowledged_entity: input_boolean.persistence_plantwateringnotifier_reminder_acknowledged
  message: "Die Regenwahrscheinlichkeit beträgt heute nur {}. Vergiss nicht die Pflanzen zu gießen!"
  #message: "The Rain Propability is only {}. Don't forget to water the plants!"
  message_not_needed: "Es wird heute mit einer Wahrscheinlichkeit von {} Prozent ungefähr {} Millimeter pro Stunde regnen. Du brauchst nicht selbst gießen."
  #message_not_needed: "It will rain today {} millimeter per hour with a propability of {}. You don't have to water your plants"
  message_evening: "Ich bin mir nicht sicher ob du vergessen hast die Pflanzen zu gießen, deswegen erinnere ich dich lieber noch einmal daran."
  #message_evening: "I'm not sure whether you waterd your plants, so I thought I better remind you again"

plantWateringReminder plantWateringReminderAcknowledged


Notify in the morning if any monitored pollen level is above a threshold.

  module: pollenNotifier
  class: PollenNotifier
  app_switch: input_boolean.roggen_notifier
  pollen_sensor: sensor.pollen_101_roggen_today
  pollen_name: Roggen
  notify_name: group_notifications
  notify_time: 08:00
  notify_threshold: 1.0
  message: "{} ist {} {} Belastung."
  #message: "The {} intensity {} is {}."
  message_no_data: "Ich habe {} leider keine Daten für {}."
  #message_no_data: "{} I have no pollen data for {}."



Notify when the Washingmachine or Dishwasher started/finished. Using power measured by TP HS110 Plugs like

  module: powerUsageNotification
  class: PowerUsageNotification
  app_switch: input_boolean.power_usage_notification_dishwasher
  sensor: sensor.dishwasher_power_usage
  notify_name: group_notifications
  delay: 1260 #21 minutes
  threshold: 2
  alternative_name: Die Spülmaschine
  message: "{} ist gestartet."
  #message: "{} just started."
  message_off: "{} ist fertig."
  #message_off: "{} just finished."



App which forwards all logs to seq. Blogged about this app in this post.

  module: seqSink
  class: SeqSink
  server_url: "http://seq:5341/"


App which sets a thermostat to a target temperature for a specific duration

  module: setThermostat
  class: SetThermostat
  app_switch: input_boolean.warm_bath_before_wakeup
  isHome: input_boolean.is_home
  time_entity: sensor.alarm_time
  upfront_time: 60
  duration: 60
  climat_entity: climate.bad_thermostat
  target_entity: input_number.warm_bath_before_wakeup
  message: "Ich habe {} auf {} gestellt"
  #message: "I have set {} to {}"
  notify_name: group_notifications
  use_alexa: False
    - Notifier


App which sets a thermostat to a target temperature on state change.

  module: setThermostatOnStateChange
  class: SetThermostatOnStateChange
  app_switch: input_boolean.set_upper_bath_thermostat_when_coming_home
  trigger_entity: input_boolean.is_home
  trigger_state: "on"
  climate_entity: climate.bad_oben_thermostat
  target_entity: input_number.set_upper_bath_thermostat_when_coming_home
  message: "Ich habe {} auf {} °C gestellt"
  #message: "I have set {} to {}"
  notify_name: group_notifications
  use_alexa: False
    - Notifier


Set an input_boolean on/off. Used as a trigger for other Apps. Also controlled by Alexa, guten Morgen Alexa, gute Nacht

Will watch room sensor of users

  module: sleepModeHandler
  class: SleepModeHandler
  app_switch: input_boolean.sleep_mode_handler
  sleepmode: input_boolean.sleepmode
  notify_name: group_notifications
  message_sleeping: "Alle zu Hause sind im Bett"
  #message_sleeping: "All home are in bed"
  message_awake: "Alle zu Hause sind wach"
  #message_awake: "All home are awake"
    - sleep_mode: input_boolean.user_one_sleep
      isHome: input_boolean.user_one_home
    - sleep_mode: input_boolean.user_two_sleep
      isHome: input_boolean.user_two_home
    - Notifier
  module: userSleepModeHandler
  class: UserSleepModeHandler
  app_switch: input_boolean.user_sleep_mode_handler_user_one
  input_boolean: input_boolean.user_one_sleep
  location_sensor: person.kevin
  room: bedroom
  duration: 600

  module: userSleepModeHandler
  class: UserSleepModeHandler
  app_switch: input_boolean.user_sleep_mode_handler_user_two
  input_boolean: input_boolean.user_two_sleep
  location_sensor: sensor.mqtt_room_user_two
  room: bedroom
  duration: 600


Turns the Fan on when the temperature is above a configurable threshold and someone is in the room (find3)

  module: turnFanOnWhenHot
  class: TurnFanOnWhenHot
  app_switch: input_boolean.turn_fan_on_when_hot
  temp_sensor: sensor.large_lamp_temperature
  threshold_entity: input_number.turn_fan_on_when_hot_threshold
  location_sensors: sensor.location_user_one,sensor.location_user_two
  room: Wohnzimmer
  actor: switch.large_ventilator
  delay: 120



As I sometimes restart HA when working on it from remote I turn the Bar lights to red with this script. This way everyone can see HA is currently unavailable. If it comes back up again this app will turn the light green and then off.


IN DEVELOPMENT Centralizes messaging. Among other things, it will determine whether a user is at home and if yes in which room.

Then Alexa in that room will be used additionally to Telegram

  module: notify
  class: Notify
  media_player: media_player.denon_avr_x1300w
  source: CBL/SAT
  alexa_media_player: media_player.kevins_echo_dot_oben
    - globals


First of all thanks to the Homeassistant Team and Andrew Cockburn for making Appdaemon

Some of the Apps are taken from the official examples and many based on or at least inspired by Rene Tode. For example his absolutely fantastic Alexa-Appdaemon-App.

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