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SVG component to create placeholder loading, like Facebook cards loading.



This is a Vue port for react-content-loader.

  • Completely customizable: you can change the colors, speed and sizes.
  • Create your own loading: use the online tool to create your custom loader easily.
  • You can use it right now: there are a lot of presets already.
  • Performance:
    • Tree-shakable and highly optimized bundle.
    • Pure SVG, so it's works without any javascript, canvas, etc.
    • Pure functional components.


⚠️ The latest version is compatible with Vue 3 only. For Vue 2 & Nuxt 2, use [email protected]^0.2 instead.

With npm:

npm i vue-content-loader

Or with yarn:

yarn add vue-content-loader

CDN: UNPKG | jsDelivr (available as window.contentLoaders)


👀👉 Demo: CodeSandbox


import { ContentLoader } from 'vue-content-loader'

export default {
  components: {

Built-in loaders

import {
} from 'vue-content-loader'

ContentLoader is a meta loader while other loaders are just higher-order components of it. By default ContentLoader only displays a simple rectangle, here's how you can use it to create custom loaders:

<ContentLoader viewBox="0 0 250 110">
  <rect x="0" y="0" rx="3" ry="3" width="250" height="10" />
  <rect x="20" y="20" rx="3" ry="3" width="220" height="10" />
  <rect x="20" y="40" rx="3" ry="3" width="170" height="10" />
  <rect x="0" y="60" rx="3" ry="3" width="250" height="10" />
  <rect x="20" y="80" rx="3" ry="3" width="200" height="10" />
  <rect x="20" y="100" rx="3" ry="3" width="80" height="10" />

This is also how ListLoader is created.

You can also use the online tool to create shapes for your custom loader.



Prop Type Default Description
width number, string SVG width in pixels without unit
height number, string SVG height in pixels without unit
viewBox string '0 0 ${width ?? 400} ${height ?? 130}' See SVG viewBox attribute
preserveAspectRatio string 'xMidYMid meet' See SVG preserveAspectRatio attribute
speed number 2 Animation speed
primaryColor string '#f9f9f9' Background color
secondaryColor string '#ecebeb' Highlight color
uniqueKey string randomId() Unique ID, you need to make it consistent for SSR
animate boolean true
baseUrl string empty string Required if you're using <base url="/" /> in your <head />. Defaults to an empty string. This prop is common used as: <content-loader :base-url="$route.fullPath" /> which will fill the SVG attribute with the relative path. Related #14.
primaryOpacity number 1 Background opacity (0 = transparent, 1 = opaque) used to solve an issue in Safari
secondaryOpacity number 1 Background opacity (0 = transparent, 1 = opaque) used to solve an issue in Safari



To create a responsive loader that will follow its parent container width, use only the viewBox attribute to set the ratio:

<ContentLoader viewBox="0 0 300 200">
  <!-- ... -->

To create a loader with fixed dimensions, use width and height attributes:

<ContentLoader width="300" height="200">
  <!-- ... -->

Note: the exact behavior might be different depending on the CSS you apply to SVG elements.


This is basically a Vue port for react-content-loader.

Thanks to @alidcastano for transferring the package name to me. 😘



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