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NodeAPI is REST API server implementation built on top Node.js and Express.js with Mongoose.js for MongoDB integration. Access control follows OAuth 2.0 spec with the help of OAuth2orize and Passport.js.

This is updated code that follows RESTful API With Node.js + MongoDB article.

Running project


You need to have Node.js and MongoDB installed.

Node setup on macOS

# Update Homebrew before installing all dependencies
brew update

# Install Node (+npm) with Homebrew
brew install node

# Install npm dependencies in project folder
npm install

MongoDB setup on macOS

# Install MongoDB with Homebrew
brew tap mongodb/brew
brew install mongodb-community

# Create directory for MongoDB data
mkdir -p ./data/mongo

# Run MongoDB daemon process with path to data directory
mongod --dbpath ./data/mongo

Run server

npm start
# alias for
node bin/www

Create demo data

npm run-script generate
# alias for
node generateData.js


You need to have Docker installed.

Run server

docker-compose up -d --build

Create demo data

docker exec nodeapi_node_api_1 node generateData.js

Make Requests

Create and refresh access tokens:

http POST http://localhost:1337/api/oauth/token grant_type=password client_id=android client_secret=SomeRandomCharsAndNumbers username=myapi password=abc1234
http POST http://localhost:1337/api/oauth/token grant_type=refresh_token client_id=android client_secret=SomeRandomCharsAndNumbers refresh_token=[REFRESH_TOKEN]

Create your article data:

http POST http://localhost:1337/api/articles title='New Article' author='John Doe' description='Lorem ipsum dolar sit amet' images:='[{"kind":"thumbnail", "url":""}, {"kind":"detail", "url":""}]' Authorization:'Bearer ACCESS_TOKEN'

Update your article data:

http PUT http://localhost:1337/api/articles/EXISTING_ARTICLE_ID title='Updated Article' author='Jane Doe' description='This is now updated' Authorization:'Bearer ACCESS_TOKEN'

Get your data:

http http://localhost:1337/api/users/info Authorization:'Bearer ACCESS_TOKEN'
http http://localhost:1337/api/articles Authorization:'Bearer ACCESS_TOKEN'


npm test
# alias for
node ./test/server.test.js

Modules used

Some of non-standard modules used:

Test modules:

Tools used

  • httpie - command line HTTP client


npm install jshint -g
jshint libs/**/*.js generateData.js


Created and maintained by Evgeny Aleksandrov (@ealeksandrov).

Updated by:


NodeAPI is available under the MIT license. See the file for more info.

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