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Express ES2017 REST API Boilerplate

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Boilerplate/Generator/Starter Project for building RESTful APIs and microservices using Node.js, Express and MongoDB


  • No transpilers, just vanilla javascript
  • ES2017 latest features like Async/Await
  • CORS enabled
  • Uses yarn
  • Express + MongoDB (Mongoose)
  • Consistent coding styles with editorconfig
  • Docker support
  • Uses helmet to set some HTTP headers for security
  • Load environment variables from .env files with dotenv
  • Request validation with joi
  • Gzip compression with compression
  • Linting with eslint
  • Tests with mocha, chai and sinon
  • Code coverage with istanbul and coveralls
  • Git hooks with husky
  • Logging with morgan
  • Authentication and Authorization with passport
  • API documentation generation with apidoc
  • Continuous integration support with travisCI
  • Monitoring with pm2


Getting Started

Clone the repo and make it yours:

git clone --depth 1
cd express-rest-es2017-boilerplate
rm -rf .git

Install dependencies:


Set environment variables:

cp .env.example .env

Running Locally

yarn dev

Running in Production

yarn start


# lint code with ESLint
yarn lint

# try to fix ESLint errors
yarn lint:fix

# lint and watch for changes
yarn lint:watch


# run all tests with Mocha
yarn test

# run unit tests
yarn test:unit

# run integration tests
yarn test:integration

# run all tests and watch for changes
yarn test:watch

# open nyc test coverage reports
yarn coverage


# run lint and tests
yarn validate


# show logs in production
pm2 logs


# generate and open api documentation
yarn docs


# run container locally
yarn docker:dev

# run container in production
yarn docker:prod

# run tests
yarn docker:test


Set your server ip:


Replace my Docker username with yours:


Run deploy script:

yarn deploy




MIT License - Daniel Sousa

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