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Fan control for ASUS devices running Linux.

In default, some ASUS devices running Linux control their system fans inappropriately. Typical symptoms include:

  • Running fans even when not under any load
  • Not running fans under load appropriately
  • Spinning up fans in short performance peaks

Asus-fan-control solves the problems above and even more. Tested devices with links to their first testers:

ASUS VivoBook ASUS ZenBook ASUS ROG Others
N580VD UX310UA G752VL B9440UA
X507UF UX410UA GL553VD FX553VD
X510UA UX410UQ GL553VE

Your device is not in the table yet? Take a look at file and you can easily add it yourself.

Table of Contents



  • systemd suite
  • acpi_call module (see below)
  • dmidecode tool (see below)

Using GitPack

Asus-fan-control supports GitPack. Global installation/update:

sudo gitpack install

If your system has APT, GitPack will install acpi_call and dmidecode automatically.

From AUR

We have an AUR package available. Global installation/update:

mkdir -p /tmp/asus-fan-control/ && cd /tmp/asus-fan-control/ &&
git clone . &&
sudo makepkg -si

For AUR installations, enable running asus-fan-control automatically:

sudo systemctl enable afc


Asus-fan-control does not run in the background (i.e., it is not a daemon process). It is executed automatically whenever necessary (e.g., on OS boots) to keep the effect of a permanent change. It is also possible to invoke it manually as shown below:

sudo asus-fan-control

It uses custom temperatures if previously set, otherwise the default temperatures are used.

Custom Temperatures

The fan speed policy is usually defined by 8 increasing numbers representing temperature boundaries in degrees Celsius between individual fan speed levels. E.g., UX430UA's default temperatures are 55 60 62 65 68 72 76 80 as shown:

Speed level Temperature (C°)
0 (off) 54 and less
1 55 to 59
2 60 to 61
3 62 to 64
4 65 to 67
5 68 to 71
6 72 to 75
7 76 to 79
8 (max) 80 and more

To use your custom temperatures, use the set-temps command. For example:

sudo asus-fan-control set-temps 45 50 55 60 65 70 75 80


Did you know that asus-fan-control has a graphical user interface extension? Visit afc-gui for more details.

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