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Plotter is an Arduino library for easy graphing on host computer via serial communication


  • Continuous multi-variable plots against time
  • 2-variable "x" vs "y" plots
  • Display multiple graphs within single resizable window
  • Support for any data type that can be cast to a double
  • Simply pass a reference to your variables when the graph is added, no need to update each value explicitly
  • Control number of data points displayed on each graph
  • Auto-scaling to fit all data on graph
  • Configurable line color per variable
  • Stand-alone listener application, written with Processing, is provided

Plotter Preview

Extremely easy usage:

#include "Plotter.h"

double x; // global variables
Plotter p; // create plotter

void setup()
  p.Begin(); // start plotter
  p.AddTimeGraph( "Some title of a graph", 1500, "label for x", x ); // add any graphs you want

void loop()
  x = 10*sin( 2.0*PI*( millis() / 5000.0 ) ); // update your variables like usual

  p.Plot(); // plot all current data -- usually called within loop()

See the Wiki for more information:


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