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This project is still in development, therefore the features may be buggy and / or limited sonos-web-ui


sonos-web is a web interface for the Sonos Audio System, created with the goal of having a nice looking interface to manage the queue, add streaming services like Spotify (even for non-premium users!) and allow other developers to customized the UX as they want by making the project expandable through plugins.


First things first

To use sonos-web you need:

  • Node.js (v6.x+)
  • Git
  • A Sonos Audio System
  • An internet browser (Firefox is recommended)
  • ffmpeg (in order to use the YouTube plugin)


  1. Clone the repo
    git clone
  2. cd to the newly created folder (should be named sonos-web)
    cd sonos-web/
  3. Install the dependencies
    yarn install
  4. Compile the assets
    npm run-script build
  5. Start the server
    npm start
  6. See if it works, visit http://localhost:8888/ or visit http://your-server-ip:8888/ from another location

Note: It may be required to cd into each plugins/ folder and do an npm install to make sure everything works. YouTube requires ffmpeg to be installed on your system.

Fedora / firewalld configuration

Allow upnp/ssdp:

firewall-cmd --set-default-zone=FedoraWorkstation
firewall-cmd --reload


This is a list of planned plugins

Status: ✅ Available, ❎ Not available

  • Spotify ❎
  • Google Play Music ❎
  • Plex ✅
  • Soundcloud ✅
  • YouTube ✅


Show your currently playing track with the "Party" plugin, already included in Sonos Web party-plugin


  1. Complete the UI | Partially done
  2. Interact with Sonos system | Partially done
  3. Provide public methods for the plugins
  4. Write the plugins | Partially done
  5. Document everything

Older screenshots









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