Custom Raspberry Pi Compute Module IO Board
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Custom Raspberry Pi Compute Module IO Board
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Note that this circuit is currently untested, as such I cannot guarantee that it will function correctly.

This is a custom Raspberry Pi Compute Module IO Board. Designed for low cost production, and a minimal set of components.

Preview of the front of the PCB Preview of the back of the PCB

Because low cost production was the main focus of the project, this Compute Module IO board only has a subset of features in comparison to the official version. However, whilst the official version costs £115, this design aims to produce a Compute Module IO board that can be manufactured (PCB fabrication, BOM, et al) under £30.

See for the bill of materials, and for the costs required to manufacture the latest release of this board.

This allows hobbyists an opportunity to introduce themselves to the Raspberry Pi Compute Module without breaking the bank.


  • Low cost design.
  • Only low cost components required.
  • Simple to solder with a heat gun.
  • Micro SD card slot.
  • Composite video output (No HDMI).
  • Bank 0 and Bank 1 GPIO pins available.
  • USB On-The-Go (OTG) support.
  • Micro USB power input.
  • Fully open source (KiCad files, etc. all available) under TAPR Open Hardware License.
  • A most excellent reset button! Removed in v0.5

Compatibility with the Raspberry Pi GPIO header was removed after v0.2 to simplify the design and reduce cost of production.

* Prices correct at the time of writing, are in Pound Sterling and include VAT.

Using this Repository

Note that only tagged releases should be used for manufacture (see the releases page). Other commits should be deemed as work in progress.

Releases marked as "Pre-release" are not fully tested, and should not be used. To this date, no release version is fully working unfortunately.


Version v1.0 will denote a fully working board.

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