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Learning React

The code samples for Learning React by Alex Banks and Eve Porcello, published by O'Reilly Media

Learning React Book Cover If you’re interested in React but find yourself confused about how to get started,
this is the book is for you. In this book, Alex Banks and Eve Porcello introduce
how to build React applications with the React ecosystem including Flux and Redux.

Buy the book: Amazon - O'Reilly
Take the Course: Moon Highway

Table of Contents

React 16 Upgrades ✅

This repo has been upgraded to React 16. Some of the book examples may have changed. These changes are clearly defined in the project README.MD documents where they take place. If you would like to view the version of this repo that uses React 15 and matches the book code exactly use (v1.0.0) of this repo. The major changes are defined in the following README.MD documents:

  1. PropTypes deprecated - Chapter 6 Color Organizer
  2. React 16 State Management - Chapter 6 Color Organizer
  3. Testing React 16 with enzyme 3 - Chapter 10 Color Organizer
  4. Server Rendering hydrate - Chapter 12 server rendered recipes
  5. Server Rendering hydrate - Chapter 12 Color Organizer

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