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👋 Introduction

Entity Controller (EC) is an implementation of "When This, Then That for x amount of time" using a finite state machine that ensures basic automations do not interfere with the rest of your home automation setup. This component encapsulates common automation scenarios into a neat package that can be configured easily and reused throughout your home. Traditional automations would need to be duplicated for each instance in your config. The use cases for this component are endless because you can use any entity as input and outputs (there is no restriction to motion sensors and lights).

Latest stable version is v8.0.0 tested on Home Assistant 0.114.4.

Entity Controller Documentation

🎬 Video Demo

I created the following video to give a high-level overview of all EC features, how they work and how you can configure them for your use cases.



Maintaining and improving this integration is very time consuming because of the sheer number of supported use cases. If you use this component in your home please donate a few dollars or check the issue tracker to help with the investigation of defects or the implementation of new features. I would be happy to receive your pull request.

donate paypal donate gofundme


All contributions are welcome, including raising issues. Expect to be involved in the resolution of any issues.

The close-issue bot is ruthless. Please provide all requested information to allow me to help you.

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