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JioSaavn API [Unofficial]

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JioSaavn API written in Python using Flask

NOTE: You don't need to have JioSaavn link of the song in order to fetch the song details, you can directly search songs by their name. Fetching Songs/Albums/Playlists from URL is also supported in this API.


Currently the API can get the following details for a specific song in JSON format:
  • Song Name
  • Singer Name
  • Album Name
  • Album URL
  • Duration of Song
  • Song Thumbnail URL (Max Resolution)
  • Song Language
  • Download Link
  • Release Year
  • Album Art Link (Max Resolution)
  • Lyrics
  • .... and much more!
    "album": "BIBA",
    "album_url": "",
    "autoplay": "false",
    "duration": "175",
    "e_songid": "ICERW0MFfQs",
    "has_rbt": "false",
    "image_url": "",
    "label": "Joytime Collective",
    "label_url": "/label/joytime-collective-albums/",
    "language": "hindi",
    "liked": "false",
    "map": "Marshmello^~^/artist/marshmello-songs/Eevs5FiVgus_^~^Pritam Chakraborty^~^/artist/pritam-chakraborty-songs/OaFg9HPZgq8_^~^Shirley Setia^~^/artist/shirley-setia-songs/9qGdjoPJ1vM_^~^Pardeep Singh Sran^~^/artist/pardeep-singh-sran-songs/NIfiZRCrYQA_^~^Dev Negi^~^/artist/dev-negi-songs/NpCqdI4dD5U_",
    "music": "",
    "origin": "search",
    "origin_val": "biba",
    "page": 1,
    "pass_album_ctx": "true",
    "perma_url": "",
    "publish_to_fb": true,
    "singers": "Marshmello, Pritam Chakraborty, Shirley Setia, Pardeep Singh Sran, Dev Negi",
    "songid": "PIzj75J8",
    "starred": "false",
    "starring": "",
    "streaming_source": null,
    "tiny_url": "",
    "title": "BIBA",
    "twitter_url": "",
    "url": "",
    "year": "2019"


Clone this repository using

$ git clone

Enter the directory and install all the requirements using

$ pip3 install -r requirements.txt

Run the app using

$ python3

Navigate to to see the Homepage


Fetching lyrics is optional and is triggered only when it is passed as an argument in the GET Request. (&lyrics=true) If you enable lyrics search, it will take more time to fetch results

Universal Endpoint: (Supports Song Name, Song Link, Album Link, Playlist Link)<insert-jiosaavn-link-or-query-here>&lyrics=true

Example: Navigate to to get a JSON response of songs data in return.

Song URL Endpoint:<insert-jiosaavn-song-link>&lyrics=true

Example: Navigate to to get a JSON response of song data in return.

Playlist URL Endpoint:<insert-jiosaavn-playlist-link>&lyrics=true

Example: Navigate to to get a JSON response of playlist data in return.

Album URL Endpoint:<insert-jiosaavn-album-link>&lyrics=true

Example: Navigate to,cNb4_ to get a JSON response of album data in return.

Lyrics Endpoint:<insert-jiosaavn-song-link-or-song-id>&lyrics=true

Example: Navigate to to get a JSON response of lyrics data in return.

You can fork the repo and deploy on VPS or deploy it on Heroku :)


Note: Heroku gives US/Europe servers which won't be able to fetch all songs flawlessly. Use any Indian VPS for accurate results.

Made using this API ❤️

Musify - Android App

@songdl_bot - Song Downloader Bot on Telegram

Jio-Saavn-Downloader [Beta] - Open Sourced website made by Praveen Bhadoo

Musicder - Open Sourced website made by Tuhin Pal

Music_Downloader_CLI made by TheHamkerCat

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© Sumanjay

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