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Database Client for Visual Studio Code

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This project is a database client for VSCode, supports manager **MySQL/MariaDB, PostgreSQL, SQLite, Redis, ClickHouse, **, and ElasticSearch, and works as an SSH client, boost your maximum productivity!

Project site: vscode-database-client,




Install from vscode marketplace vscode-database-client.


  1. Open Database Explorer panel, then click the + button.
  2. Select your database type, input connection config then click the connect button.


Two panels are created because in some cases you need to view both SQL and NoSQL data at the same time, you can drag the panel to the other by long-pressing.


  1. Click table to open table view.
  2. Click button beside table to open new table view.
  3. Then you can do data modification on the table view.


Execute SQL Query

In the Database Explorer panel, click the Open Query button.


That will open a SQL editor bind of database, it provider:

  1. IntelliSense SQL edit.
  2. snippets:seldelinsupdjoi...
  3. Run selected or current cursor SQL (Shortcut : Ctrl+Enter).
  4. Run all SQL (Shortcut : Ctrl+Shift+Enter).

Note: The extension is developed using Nodejs. Nodejs does not allow duplicate name attributes, so you need to avoid columns with the same name in your query, otherwise the results will not be displayed in full.


This extension supports codelen, but does not support stored procedures and functions. If you use them frequently, it is recommended to disable codelen image


In order to improve performance, the database information is cached. If your database structure changes externally, you need to click the refresh button to refresh the cache


Move to ant DatabaseNode or TableNode. The export/import options are listed in the context menu (right click to open).

The extension implements the backup function, but it is not stable enough. You can add mysql_dump or pg_dump to the environment variable, and the extension will use these tools for backup.



This extension contain some setting, can be modified as follows.

The default settings can get the best experience, don't worry



Used to quickly filter the table, if there is an input box to simplify the search operation, but unfortunately VSCode does not support this function.


Generate Mock Data

You can easily generate test data.



Click the history button to open the list of recently executed query history records.



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