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Awesome Open Source


This is cuishark's version 2.0 prototype. The old version of cuishark was fullscrached and not using wireshark's dissector. This version can use the wireshark's dissector with cuishark's Rich UI. You can analyze many-many protocols using JUST-CUI!!!. Packet makes us very happy. here is demo video (

Required Packages

Install Cuishark

$ go get
$ cd $GOPATH/src/
$ git checkout -b proto-v0.2.0 origin/proto-v0.2.0
$ cd $GOPATH/src/ && go install
$ cd $GOPATH/src/ && go install
$ sudo cp $GOPATH/bin/cuishark /usr/local/bin

Author and License


This software is being developpped under the GPL2.

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