🧙‍♀️ Fast low-code testing — create, run tests and get alerts ⏱️ Create test in <60 secs 👉 Better open source alternative to selenium, cypress and puppeteer
Alternatives To Crusher
Project NameStarsDownloadsRepos Using ThisPackages Using ThisMost Recent CommitTotal ReleasesLatest ReleaseOpen IssuesLicenseLanguage
Selenium26,74814,1551,8607 hours ago169June 23, 2022196apache-2.0Java
A browser automation framework and ecosystem.
Nightwatch11,38115,8452,9104 days ago279September 17, 2022206mitJavaScript
End-to-end testing framework written in Node.js and using the W3C Webdriver API
18 hours ago295gpl-3.0Java
MeterSphere 一站式开源持续测试平台,为软件质量保驾护航。搞测试,就选 MeterSphere!
Protractor8,790137,07213,554a month ago103May 13, 2020682mitJavaScript
E2E test framework for Angular apps
Testcontainers Java7,1194313969 hours ago79June 29, 2022555mitJava
Testcontainers is a Java library that supports JUnit tests, providing lightweight, throwaway instances of common databases, Selenium web browsers, or anything else that can run in a Docker container.
4 months ago9cc0-1.0
A list of (almost) all headless web browsers in existence
Undetected Chromedriver5,241313 days ago35March 16, 2022663gpl-3.0Python
Custom Selenium Chromedriver | Zero-Config | Passes ALL bot mitigation systems (like Distil / Imperva/ Datadadome / CloudFlare IUAM)
Seleniumbase3,3311253 days ago787July 06, 20221mitPython
Python browser automation framework for creating reliable end-to-end tests.
3 months ago164mitJavaScript
A web tool for converting BIP39 mnemonic codes
Panther2,746881306 days ago21December 02, 2021180mitPHP
A browser testing and web crawling library for PHP and Symfony
Alternatives To Crusher
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Crusher- Low-code testing framework Crusher- Low-code testing framework

Fast all-in-one testing you'll ever need

Crusher demo for test creation, running, cli

Install Now »

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Crusher is a new fast testing framework, it's opinionated and takes a low-code first approach. Create tests by browsing your website and adding assertion when needed.

An alternative to slow workflows built and unreliable & slow libraries (w high learning curve), gluing tools, repetitive script.

Built from group up as an all-in-tool — with recorder, SDK, Infra + batteries built-in.

Crusher is in beta(v0.5). Join Crusher's discord and help us make it better 🚀

Star 🌟 & watch 👀 the repository in order to get updates about v1.0.0 stable release - it's finally happening (2023🎅) .

Create a test

1.) Run npx command in your git repo.


You can create tests using low-code, code, or both - whichever you prefer. 5 minutes is all you need to start testing

or download binary

Reference: Getting Started | What is Crusher

👨🏽‍💻 Features


Create test

  • 👨🏽‍💻 Test using low-code: Create tests using our customized recorder based on chromium
  • 📇 Use code files: Better APIs and more control with playwright APIs

Run tests

  • 🔋 All major browsers supported: Chromium, Firefox, Safari, etc.
  • 👨🏽‍💻 Built for developers: Use modern javascript to write tests with simple workflow
  • 🔥 Fast test execution
  • Blazing Fast: Built on top of Playwright, Crusher delivers an amazing performance during execution

Alert & Integration

  • 📼 Easy integration with your projects
  • 🦄 Central reporting & dashboard: See how your app is doing overall anytime-anywhere

⏩ Use cases

  • Test e2e user flows: Never compromise your user experience by testing important end-to-end user flows.
  • Test UI of your project: Never let a UI change catch you off guard.
  • Run tests locally: Test specific functionalities of your app easily with a single click.
  • Test with every commit: Run tests on every commit and add checks on pull requests.
  • Monitor production: Periodically run tests for your website and get notified if something goes wrong.

💡 Philosophy

If you are involved in software development, you are no stranger to things breaking now and then. Sometimes it's because of a small typo/change, and sometimes because of reasons out of your control.

It seems like every time you are changing something, there is a chance of stuff breaking. The worst part is you're lost, and then someone reports the issue in prod.

Testing solves this, but it hasn't evolved. It's too complicated and sometimes hard. We're solving it by creating an integrated solution that simply works.

🧱 Deployment

Crusher cloud- Start using | Zero configuration setup (Recommended: Faster, cheaper and less hassle)

Self host: Deploy using Docker or Kubernetes. Docs


  • I don't have any prior experience, Can I use Crusher? Yes, we primarily designed Crusher to make testing easy. If you have used a browser before, you can use Crusher.
  • Low-code ain't powerful, I believe code is more powerful:- Fair enough, we believe in both. We're also working on a code-first approach.
  • Why use this over selenium, cypress, etc? With any library, you'll have to spend a lot of time setting up the testing framework for your project. With us, you can start testing right away. We're also built on top of playwright, which is a more stable and faster automation library.
  • Why a new framework? Testing has not evolved. It can be quite frustrating to setup and maintain. With Crusher, we're trying to make it easy and fun.
  • Is Crusher using Electron? Yes, we forked Electron to create our own chromium-based browser.

Contribute to Crusher

  • Setup crusher locally Docs
  • Found a bug? File an issue
  • Wanna help? We love pull requests, too!


This repo is entirely MIT licensed, except the /src_ee directory (if applicable).

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