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All Java code Run Template : loon-gradle-template

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  • 2019 year resurrection continues to update - 2019-03-08.

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formal name : Loon

A fast, simple & powerful game framework, powered by Java (also supports C# and C++).

LGame Project Restart,The game's just started.


LGame(LoonGame) is a very cool and small game library designed to simplify the complex and shorten the tedious for beginners and veterans alike. With it, you can use the best aspects of OpenGL/OpenGLES in an easy and organized way optimized for game programming. It is built around the concept that beginners should be able to start with the basics and then move up into a more complex plane of development with the veterans, all on the same platform.

LGame puts all of its effort into keeping things short and simple. The initial setup of a game consists only of making a single class; then you are done. The interface is entirely documented for easy and fast learning, so once you are started, there is nothing between you and your killer game but coding and creativity.

LGame is built around the users wishes, so do not hesitate to suggest and critique!

Games Code Samples




Game Run the Example(JavaSE)

package org.test;

import loon.LSetting;
import loon.LazyLoading;
import loon.Screen;
import loon.javase.Loon;

public class Main  {

	public static void main(String[] args) {
		LSetting setting = new LSetting();
	        // Whether to display the basic debug data (memory, sprite, desktop components, etc.)
		setting.isDebug = true;
		// Whether to display log data to the form
		setting.isDisplayLog = false;
		// Whether to display the initial logo
		setting.isLogo = false;
		// The initial page logo
		setting.logoPath = "loon_logo.png";
		// Original size
		setting.width = 480;
		setting.height = 320;
		// Zoom to
		setting.width_zoom = 640;
		setting.height_zoom = 480;
		// Set FPS
		setting.fps = 60;
		// Game Font
		setting.fontName = "Dialog";
		// App Name
		setting.appName = "test";
		// Whether to simulate touch screen events (only desktop is valid)
		setting.emulateTouch = false;
		/* Set the global font to BMFont */
		Loon.register(setting, new LazyLoading.Data() {

			public Screen onScreen() {
				return new YourScreen();

Create a LGame project

LGame comes with a file called LGameProjectMake.jar which is an executable UI and command line tool. You can simply execute the JAR file which will open the setup UI.


Built-in over 30 game example(Part screenshots):







PS : If there is a dependency problem such as a Loon-method NoSuchMethodError, the best way is of course to reset the environment yourself to ensure that the relevant jars are recognized by the compiler. But if not, then there is a simple and feasible solution, which is to delete all loon related jars, and then directly copy the relevant source code to your running environment src directory, so no matter what environment, as long as you can run, They Never have a dependency problem...





License :

This Java implemented game framework(but will provide a cross-compiler contain C#,C/C++,Go,JavaScript or other programming language implemented),Support IOS\Android\WP7\PSM\Mac\Windows\Linux.

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