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Awesome Open Source

This repo contains sample games built with FXGL Game Library. Each game focuses on one or two aspects of FXGL, e.g. Drop focuses on bare minimums, Pac-man focuses on AI, etc.

Checkout this commit for Java 8 code for all projects (FXGL 0.5.4). All projects will eventually be upgraded to Java 11 code (FXGL 11.0+).


mvn javafx:run

Build for Mobile

Follow latest instructions from client-samples. A relevant extract is copied below.

For example, to build Breakout for Android (can only build from Linux):

  1. Download GraalVM zip: graalvm-ce-java11-linux-amd64-20.2.0.tar.gz

  2. Set GRAALVM_HOME and JAVA_HOME environment variables to the GraalVM installation directory. For example:

export GRAALVM_HOME=/opt/graalvm-ce-java11-20.2.0
cd Breakout
mvn clean client:build
mvn client:package

// connect your Android device and allow it installation over USB

mvn client:install

You can now run the game from Android, or you can run with logging from Linux: mvn client:run.


These game demos are constantly upgraded, so feel free to fork and add something of your own.

Projects by difficulty





You are very welcome to contribute to any of these games, or link to your own games. List of community developed games / demos: (Please add links below)

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