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A Vue and FeathersJS fullstack app with authentication, email verification, and email support."


This project uses Feathers. An open source web framework for building modern real-time applications and Vue 2 with Server Side Rendering.

This project is not finished but if you are can be ready to use if you are content with what it offers.


  • SASS
  • Stylus
  • Jade
  • ES6, ES7, and ES8
  • Webpack
  • Vue Stash - For Redux Store
  • Jasmine with Karma for client side and mocha server side
  • Bootstrap
  • Lodash
  • jQuery
  • FontAwesome
  • Separate admin and app

Getting Started

Getting up and running is as easy as 1, 2, 3, 4.

  1. Make sure you have NodeJS and npm installed. Feathers-Vue requires version 7.4 or higher, I recommend 7.6 since it natively supports async functions.

  2. Install your dependencies

    cd path/to/Feathers-Vue; npm install
  3. Run your build or watch

      npm run build
      npm run watch
  4. Start your app locally

    npm run serve

In production run

  npm run production
  npm start

If you want emails to work using gmail add the following environment variables

export [email protected]
export GMAIL_PASS=yourpassword or app-password

See How to set an app password


Simply run npm test and all your tests in the test/ directory to run server side unit test or run npm test-client to run client side tests.


Feathers has a powerful command line interface. Here are a few things it can do:

$ npm install -g feathers-cli             # Install Feathers CLI

$ feathers generate service               # Generate a new Service
$ feathers generate hook                  # Generate a new Hook
$ feathers generate model                 # Generate a new Model
$ feathers help                           # Show all commands

Schemas go in shared/schemas

If you want the same schema to validate both client and server side put the schema in ./shared/schemas as it's own file with the file name being the name of the schema and resulting model.

You can use pattern and patternMessage directly in the schema and it will be converted to

validate: {
  validator: function(v) {
    return pattern.test(v)
  message: patternMessage

for you.


You may run

docker-compose up

to build a docker-virtual machine instance.


For more information on all the things you can do with Feathers visit


Copyright (c) 2016

Licensed under the MIT license.

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