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3 days agoapache-2.0
A wonderful list of Game Development resources.
3 days ago32mitC#
Unity plugin to run MediaPipe graphs
Render Crowd Of Animated Characters1,017
a month ago5mitC#
Animation Baker and Instancing for Animated Characters: Using GPU to implement large-amount animation characters rendering. The animation map for vertex shader to modify the vertex position of the mesh at runtime. Using GPU instancing to reduce draw calls.
3 months agounlicenseC++
Toy path tracer for my own learning purposes (CPU/GPU, C++/C#, Win/Mac/Wasm, DX11/Metal, also Unity)
Unity Voxel665
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Mesh voxelization for Unity.
Unityurp Mobilescreenspaceplanarreflection653
5 months ago3mitC#
Reusable RendererFeature of MobileScreenSpacePlanarReflection
2 months ago39otherTypeScript
Free, Cross-Platform, GPU-Accelerated Procedural Texture Generator
a month ago1C#
2 years ago1C#
A straightforward GPU implementation of Jos Stam's "Stable Fluids" on Unity.
Pbd Fluid In Unity415
a year ago1mitC#
A PBD fluid in unity running on the GPU
Alternatives To Minimalcompute
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Minimal Compute Shader Examples

Minimal test scenes contains compute shaders, compute buffers etc Playing with the transport between CPU <-> GPU

Unity version : 2022.2.4f1+, contains both BuiltinRP and Universal Render Pipeline (URP) scenes
See branches for older Unity versions
Tested with : Win DX11

Scene Image Description
🔷 01_Compute_Texture 🔷
01_1_Basic The most basic one, edit texture with compute shader, shader takes the texture for rendering
01_2_FallingSand Example of using compute to animate texture pixels
01_3_Fluid_2D GPU Fluid. Ref to Scrawk/GPU-GEMS-2D-Fluid-Simulation
01_4_Fluid_3D A 3D version based on above GPU Fluid
🔷 02_StructuredBuffer 🔷
02_1_StructuredBufferNoCompute ComputeBuffer can also be used in Shader, not just ComputeShader. The folder contains implementation of unlit vert-frag, surface shader and unlit URP shader
02_2_ComputePaintTexture Paint the texture by sending object positions to compute shader with StructuredBuffer
02_3_RotatingCircles Similar to above, just another playground scene
02_4_ComputePaintTexture_DFT Similar to above but drawing with Epicycles using Discrete Fourier Transform. Ref to The Coding Train's youtube video
02_5_ComputeParticlesDirect GPU Particle, drawing fixed no. of particles
02_6_ComputeSketch Draw quads on the screen with color filled by compute shader
🔷 03_GPU_to_CPU 🔷
03_1_StructuredBufferWithCompute Another basic one, use compute to calculate some data and send back to CPU
03_2_AsyncGPUReadback Similar to StructuredBufferWithCompute, but use AsyncGPUReadback to get array data back to CPU
03_3_AsyncGPUReadbackTex Result is same as ComputeUAVTexture, but this scene uses AsyncGPUReadback to get texture data back to CPU, and CPU send the texture data to Shader for rendering
03_4_AsyncGPUReadbackMesh Update mesh vertices with compute + AsyncGPUReadback to get the vertex data back to CPU for physics
03_5_AsyncGPUReadbackMesh_NewMeshAPI Same as above but using the new Mesh API
🔷 04_Indirect 🔷
04_1_IndirectCompute Simple indirect compute (indirect dispatch) and CopyCount
04_2_ComputeParticlesIndirect GPU Particle, drawing dynamic no. of particles, no need to read back to CPU!
04_3_ComputeParticlesIndirect_VFX Implementation of above scene with VFX graph
04_4_IndirectReflectedStar Draw stars on the screen only if the pixels are bright enough
🔷 05_Shader_to_CPU 🔷
05_1_UAVInShader Read some data back to CPU from fragment shader
🔷 06_Compute_Mesh 🔷
06_1_ComputeVertex Replace vertex buffer with StructuredBuffer and drive vertex displacement by compute
06_2_ComputeVertexLit A usecase of above, with different shader passes share the same vertex data
06_3_SkinnedMeshBuffer_SameMesh Blend the vertex data from 2 SkinnedMeshRenderer vertex buffer and render it with MeshRenderer
06_4_SkinnedMeshBuffer_DiffMesh Similar to above but blending 2 different SkinnedMeshes. The blended triangles are drawn with DrawMeshInstancedIndirect()

Disclaimer: The stuff here might not be the best practice / optimized :'(. But at least they works. Play them for fun.

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