Time Machine Sparce Bundle Fix

Time Machine Sparsebundle Fix
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Rsync Time Backup2,851
8 days ago1March 03, 2021101Shell
Time Machine style backup with rsync.
9 days ago209gpl-2.0Python
Back In Time - A simple backup tool for Linux
6 days ago1March 03, 202134mitPHP
Automatically exclude development dependencies from Apple Time Machine backups
Acnh Bcats186
a year ago
Animal Crossing New Horizons BCAT Events
2 years ago1February 27, 20188gpl-2.0Python
Displays set of files that were saved in Time Machine backups
21 hours agogpl-3.0Visual Basic .NET
Game Backup Monitor - Automatically backup your saved games!
Raspberrypi Timemachine161
5 years ago1mit
Apple Time Machine with raspberry Pi
Rsync Time Machine92
3 years ago1gpl-2.0Python
Time Machine Style backup using rsync
Time Machine Sparce Bundle Fix68
9 years ago1Shell
Time Machine Sparsebundle Fix
3 years ago15gpl-3.0Shell
We back up a lot of stuff from around the web; now it's time to back up the Internet Archive, just in case.
Alternatives To Time Machine Sparce Bundle Fix
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When Time Machine backs up to a NAS, it will often get corrupted and prompt a message saying, “Time Machine completed a verification of your backups. To improve reliability, Time Machine must create a new backup for you.”

This script fixes that issue so that Time Machine can continue using the existing backup.


  1. First mount the backup drive share so that the sparcebundle is accessible.
  2. Make sure the script has execute permissions: chmod +x fix_time_machine.sh
  3. Run the script: Usage - fix_time_machine.sh /Volumes/[BackupDrive]/[SparceBundle].sparsebundle/


It is based off a guide written by Garth Gillespie at http://www.garth.org/archives/2011,08,27,169,fix-time-machine-sparsebundle-nas-based-backup-errors.html It is also a modified version of http://pastebin.com/iw5nYFb0 - credit goes to anon.

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