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Time Machine Style backup using rsync
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5 months ago458lgpl-3.0Vala
System restore tool for Linux. Creates filesystem snapshots using rsync+hardlinks, or BTRFS snapshots. Supports scheduled snapshots, multiple backup levels, and exclude filters. Snapshots can be restored while system is running or from Live CD/USB.
Rsync Time Backup2,851
7 days ago1March 03, 2021101Shell
Time Machine style backup with rsync.
7 days ago1February 27, 201841gpl-2.0Perl
a tool for backing up your data using rsync (if you want to get help, use
9 days ago209gpl-2.0Python
Back In Time - A simple backup tool for Linux
3 days agomitSwift
A macOS GUI for rsync. Compiled for macOS Big Sur and later
10 months ago120gpl-3.0Perl
BackupPC is a high-performance, enterprise-grade system for backing up to a server's disk.
2 years ago28mitShell
"DIY Dropbox" or "2-way directory (r)sync with proper deletion"
Rdiff Backup853
23 days ago60gpl-2.0Python
Reverse differential backup tool, over a network or locally.
2 days ago4gpl-3.0Shell
Backup and restore your active Raspberry
Linux Timemachine533
8 months ago4mitShell
Rsync-based OSX-like time machine for Linux, MacOS and BSD for atomic and resumable local and remote backups
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Rsync Time Machine

I have been use Back In Time as time machine style backup for several years. It worked very well until I recently need to take periodical snapshots for a file server. Backintime cannot directly backup the remote machine, it must mount remote via sshfs, which is less efficient than running rsync through ssh, hence this script.


  • Backup from remote host by running rsync through ssh.
  • Backup from local directories.
  • Support multiple source directories.
  • Use hardlinks to save space.
  • Smart remove old backups to emulate Apple Time Machine.
  • Easy to config multiple backup profiles.

This script does not attempt to remove old snapshots if there lacks enough free space.


  • Python.
  • The backup destination file system must support hardlinks.
  • Rsync must be installed on the remote host if it is the backup source.

Usage -c mybackup.conf

See time-machine.conf for config example. The config file splits into five sections:

  1. source: the backup source.

  2. dest: a local path to store all snapshots.

  3. smart_remove: specify how to keep old backups. It recognizes four options.


    The default values will be used if these options is empty or commented out.

  4. exclude: the rsync exclude patterns.

  5. free space: the minimum free space and inodes requirements. Backup will not start if there is not enough space or inodes. Again, default value will be used if option is not set.

Snapshots are named after GMT time stamp. A log file, time-machine.log, is generated under the root of backup destination folder. After run a backup job periodically for some time, the backup folder should look like:

├── 2013-12-31_22:17:01_GMT
├── 2014-12-31_22:17:01_GMT
├── 2015-05-31_22:17:01_GMT
├── 2015-06-30_22:17:01_GMT
├── 2015-07-31_22:17:01_GMT
├── 2015-08-31_22:17:01_GMT
├── 2015-09-30_22:17:01_GMT
├── 2015-10-31_22:17:01_GMT
├── 2015-11-30_22:17:01_GMT
├── 2015-12-31_22:17:01_GMT
├── 2016-01-31_22:17:01_GMT
├── 2016-02-29_22:17:01_GMT
├── 2016-03-20_22:17:01_GMT
├── 2016-03-27_22:17:01_GMT
├── 2016-03-31_22:17:01_GMT
├── 2016-04-03_22:17:01_GMT
├── 2016-04-04_22:17:01_GMT
├── 2016-04-05_22:17:01_GMT
├── 2016-04-06_22:17:01_GMT
├── 2016-04-07_22:17:01_GMT
├── 2016-04-08_10:17:01_GMT
├── 2016-04-08_12:17:01_GMT
├── 2016-04-08_14:17:01_GMT
├── 2016-04-08_16:17:01_GMT
├── 2016-04-08_18:17:01_GMT
├── 2016-04-08_20:17:01_GMT
├── 2016-04-08_22:17:01_GMT
├── 2016-04-09_00:17:01_GMT
├── 2016-04-09_02:17:01_GMT
├── 2016-04-09_04:17:01_GMT
├── 2016-04-09_06:17:01_GMT
├── 2016-04-09_08:17:01_GMT
├── 2016-04-09_10:17:01_GMT
├── latest -> /my/backup/destination/time-capsule/2016-04-09_10:14:13_GMT
└── time-machine.log

There is also a small tool for comparing snapshots. Files from two snapshots that share same inodes are considered unchanged. Execute make to compile then run:

cmpdir old-snapshot-directory new-snapshot-directory


See the LICENSE file for license rights and limitations (GNU GPL v2).

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