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Nextcloud built in the cloud automatically using Terraform with Ansible. Now with optional support!

Available for several major cloud providers, including: AWS (EC2 or Lightsail), Azure, Digital Ocean, GCP (Google), OCI (Oracle), Scaleway (scw) + standalone Raspberry Pi/Ubuntu Server deployment options.



Several deployment options are available, see the README of each subdirectory for platform-specific guides. For standalone deployments, see the playbooks/ directory.


Cloud deployments: Choosing a cloud provider? Watch this for a mostly un-biased comparison of free options/free trials.



Discord Room


  • July 2021 - Please note, the duckdns domain feature was added (after videos were created). is a free service to provide a domain name (that we sign with a certificate with automatically). Though not required, duckdns is suggested for all new deployments. The certificate integrates better with Nextcloud and OnlyOffice apps and web browsers.
  • October 2021 - Azure's security_group and security_group_rule resources conflict and overwrite eachother. The security_group_rule(s) have been put in security_group as inline.

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