Spotify in the terminal 💻🎶
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Spotify Tui15,380
a month ago24August 24, 2021278mitRust
Spotify for the terminal written in Rust 🚀
Tizonia Openmax Il1,450
3 years ago125lgpl-3.0C
Command-line cloud music player for Linux with support for Spotify, Google Play Music, YouTube, SoundCloud, TuneIn, iHeartRadio, Plex servers and Chromecast devices.
Spotify Player62312 days ago3May 14, 202220mitRust
A Spotify player in the terminal with full feature parity
Spotify Cli Linux555
6 months ago20June 22, 201911gpl-3.0Python
🎶 A command line interface to Spotify on Linux
7 months ago20October 16, 20216mitPython
Spotify in the terminal 💻🎶
4 months ago6mitGo
Synchronized lyrics in your terminal
4 months agogpl-3.0Go
Spotify for the terminal written in Go
Spotify Cli115
3 years ago5June 21, 2020mitGo
Terminal client for Spotify
2 days ago3mitTypeScript
Command line based application to show synchronized Spotify lyrics in your terminal with romanization and translation support. Built with Node.js, TypeScript, NestJs, and RxJs.
Yet Another Spotify Lyrics72
a year ago19May 17, 20223mitPython
Command Line Spotify Lyrics with Album Cover
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Spotify in the terminal.


Getting Started

Install with pip install spotui

Please Note: SpoTUI will not work with free Spotify accounts.

Register a developer application at: Once you create the application you'll need to edit it to add a Redirect URI. Use something like 'http://localhost:8888/callback' (it doesn't matter what you use really as long as it matches what's in your config file).

Run spotui to generate a sample config file at ~/.config/spotui/.spotuirc or create one manually with the following:

user_name = *Your spotify username*
client_id = *Your application client ID*
client_secret = *Your application secret*
redirect_uri = http://localhost:8888/callback

use_nerd_fonts = yes
config_version = 1 

Once you're done start the app with spotui, log in via your browser and copy the URL of the broken web page you're taken to. (This ugly authentication process is part of the underlying Spotipy library I use so don't blame me 😜)

This app acts like a kind of remote control for Spotify. The best way to use it is in conjunction with Spotifyd which means you won't need to actually have Spotify open. Alternatively, you can just open Spotify on your computer, phone etc. (press d to pick the device to play on).



tab Switch section

k/ Up

j/ Down

g Scroll to top

G Scroll to bottom

Enter Select

/ Search

d Open device menu

Esc/q Quit/Back


space Play/Pause

n Next track

p Previous track

Seek 10s forwards

Seek 10s backwards

s Toggle shuffle

r Toggle repeat


  • What do I do if something breaks? Raise an issue or submit a PR to fix my crappy code 🙏
  • Why can't I play anything? Check you have a device selected (d) and make sure you're using a paid Spotify account
  • I get an error page when I log into Spotify This is correct - just copy the URL and paste it back into the terminal
  • Podcasts aren't playing See: #13




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