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Etcd Watcher is the Etcd watcher for Casbin. With this library, Casbin can synchronize the policy with the database in multiple enforcer instances.


go get

Simple Example

package main

import (

    casbin ""
    etcdwatcher ""

func updateCallback(rev string) {
    log.Println("New revision detected:", rev)

func main() {
    // Initialize the watcher.
    // Use the endpoint of etcd cluster as parameter.
    w, _ := etcdwatcher.NewWatcher([]string{""}, "keyname")
    // Initialize the enforcer.
    e, _ := casbin.NewEnforcer("examples/rbac_model.conf", "examples/rbac_policy.csv")
    // Set the watcher for the enforcer.
    // By default, the watcher's callback is automatically set to the
    // enforcer's LoadPolicy() in the SetWatcher() call.
    // We can change it by explicitly setting a callback.
    // Update the policy to test the effect.
    // You should see "[New revision detected: X]" in the log.

Getting Help


This project is under Apache 2.0 License. See the LICENSE file for the full license text.

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