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Cppnet is a proactor mode and multithreaded network with C++11 on tcp. Support Window, Linux and macOS.

  • Simple:

    • Only export a little interfaces, all net io insterface are asynchronous callbacks
    • Insterface as much as possible like calling the socket API of the system
    • There is only one additional buffer interface for the client
    • Support both IPv4 and IPv6
  • Fast:

    • Use epoll, wepoll and kqueue
    • Multithreaded threads are handled by the kernel
    • Each socket has a single memory pool object. All memory requested from the memory pool is managed by an intelligent pointer
    • Using time wheel to realize timer
  • Clear:

    • Three layers: event-driven layer, session management layer and interface layer
    • Upward notification through callbacks between layers. Clear division of responsibilities among modules, pay to Caesar what belongs to Caesar and God what belongs to God
    • The interface decoupling module is used to meet the minimum interface principle and dependency inversion principle

Quick Start

Quick use of cppnet and precautions, see quick start.


cppnet has three types of external interfaces, which are also defined in three header files

For details, see API.


All simples are in test:

  • simple: Most simple example.
  • echo: Test program of echo with 200 connection.
  • http: Simple HTTP server is implemented with reference to muduo.
  • sendfile: Example of sending and receiving files.
  • pingpong: Pingpong test program.
  • rpc: Interesting rpc program.
  • multi_port: Example of multiple listening ports.


Apache ab is used to pressure test the http test service in the test directory, and compared with muduo.
For details, see ab benchmark


Look at Build


This program is under the terms of the BSD 3-Clause License. For details, see BSD-3-Clause.

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