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This project is no longer being maintained and has been superseded by


Dragonite is a reliable application level data transport protocol based on UDP. Highly optimized for lossy & unstable networks. Use cases include

  • Transfer data between countries over lossy network connections
  • Your application needs a persistent connection to your servers, without interference from NAT gateways
  • Firewall blocking TCP

Dragonite Network Project contains a series of Dragonite-based network applications.

See the Wiki page

Dragonite 是一个基于 UDP 的可靠传输协议,能针对高丢包与不稳定的网络极大提高传输速度。本项目有一系列基于 Dragonite 协议的应用,例如 TCP 双边加速流量转发工具加密 SOCKS5 代理

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TCP vs Dragonite

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