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IconPark gives access to more than 2000 high-quality icons, and introduces an interface for customizing your icons. Instead of using various SVG source files to achieve different themes, We implement a technology transforming attributes of a single SVG source file into multiple themes. Besides, we provide cross-platform components, including react-icons, vue-icons and svg-icons. So whether you are a designer or a developer, you can use them in your designs or your projects for free.


Generate Cross-platform Components

Find packages in packages folder. NPM packages make it painless to import icon components to your project.

Name Github link NPM link
React Icons React Component @icon-park/react
Vue2 Icons Vue Component for old Vue2.0 @icon-park/vue
Vue3 Icons Vue Component for Vue3.0 @icon-park/vue-next
SVG Icons Pure SVG String @icon-park/svg

Multiple themes

Basic coloring can be done by setting two attributes on the node: fill and stroke. Fill sets the color inside the object while stroke sets the color of the line drawn around the object. By changing this two attributes, you can transform a single SVG icon into different themes, including: outline, filled, two-tone, multi-color. Take the icon named camera for example:

Source file:

After Transforming:

React icons Preview Theme
<Camera theme="outline" size="32" fill="#000000"/> Outline theme
<Camera theme="filled" size="32" fill="#333"/> Filled theme
<Camera theme="two-tone" size="32" fill={['#333' ,'#2F88FF']}/> Two-tone theme
<Camera theme="multi-color" size="32" fill={['#333' ,'#2F88FF' ,'#FFF' ,'#43CCF8']}/> Multi-color theme

Embed IconPark in your project

If you need to use additional information such as icon name, author, category, label and creation time, you can use the icons.json file located in the root directory of each NPM.



Here is the website of IconPark. Each icon is hand-coded within a 48x48 grid, using SVG stroke giving the maximum flexibility on styling. You can adjust the color, size, stroke-width, stroke-linejoin, stroke-linecap and other attributes to meet your needs.

Screenshot of customization

Convenient Online Tools

You can use them in Figma, Sketch, Photoshop, PPT, etc.

  • Copy SVG
  • Copy React Icon Component
  • Copy Vue Icon Component
  • Download PNG
  • Download SVG

Icon Tools



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