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Hugo PaperMod | Demo

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Hugo PaperMod is a theme based on hugo-paper. The goal of this project is to add more features and customization to the og theme.

The demo includes a lot of documentation about Installation, Features with a few more stuff. Make sure you visit it, to get an awesome hands-on experience and get to know about the features ...

ExampleSite can be found here: exampleSite. Demo is built up with exampleSite as source.

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Features/Mods 💥

  • Uses Hugo's asset generator with pipelining, fingerprinting, bundling and minification by default.
  • 3 Modes:
  • Table of Content Generation (newer implementation).
  • Archive of posts.
  • Social Icons (home-info and profile-mode)
  • Social-Media Share buttons on posts.
  • Menu location indicator.
  • Multilingual support. (with language selector)
  • Taxonomies
  • Cover image for each post (with Responsive image support).
  • Light/Dark theme (automatic theme switch a/c to browser theme and theme-switch button).
  • SEO Friendly.
  • Multiple Author support.
  • Search Page with Fuse.js
  • Other Posts suggestion below a post
  • Breadcrumb Navigation
  • Code Block Copy buttons
  • No webpack, nodejs and other dependencies are required to edit the theme.

Read Wiki For More Details => PaperMod - Features

Install/Update 📥

Read Wiki For More Details => PaperMod - Installation

Social-Icons/Share-Icons 🖼️

Read Wiki For More Details => PaperMod-Icons

FAQs / How To's Guide 🙋

Read Wiki For More Details => PaperMod-FAQs

Release Changelog 📃

Release ChangeLog has info about stuff added: Releases

Pagespeed Insights (100% ?) 👀

Special Thanks 🌟

Stargazers over time 📈

Stargazers over time

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