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Humbug helps you understand what keeps users coming back to your developer tool as well as any friction they experience.

Humbug lets you collect basic system information and crash reports while respecting your users' privacy. In addition to getting reports, you get to be GDPR-compliant from day one.

Humbug is currently available in the following programming languages:

  1. Python

    • System information report
    • Error traceback report
    • Packages available in the current Python process report
    • Logs report
    • Environment variables report
    • Custom report with full content control
  2. Go

    • System information report
    • Panic report
    • Custom report with full content control
  3. Javascript

    • System information report
    • Error traceback report

If you would like support for another programming language, please create an issue.

Using Humbug


Follow the instructions in the Getting started with usage and crash reporting guide.

From development to production

We recommend generating one token for development and testing and using different tokens for each version of your production library or application.

Accessing reports

You can access your Bugout knowledge base at, via the Bugout API, or using the bugout command line tool.

Bugout client libraries:

  1. Python
  2. Go
  3. Javascript

The bugout command line tool can be installed from:

You can use humbug.bash to download your Humbug reports to your filesystem in an easy to analyze JSON format.

Getting help

You can get help by:

  1. Creating an issue
  2. Asking for help on the community Slack
  3. Emailing zomglings
  4. Scheduling a meeting with zomglings

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