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!! NOTE: you're looking at brainrender v2.0 We have recently released a new version of brainrender, version 2.0 (🎉). This consists of an entire re-writing of the whole library to make the code cleaner, more compact. easier to read and easier to use. We've also included a new GUI packaged with brainrender. However, this does mean that code written to work with previous versions of brainrender will need to be adjusted slightly to work with the newer versions. If you are transitioning to the new brainrender version, please reade the guide we have put together about moving from v1.0 to v2.0.

brainrender is a python package for the visualization of three dimensional neuro-anatomical data. It can be used to render data from publicly available data set (e.g. Allen Brain atlas) as well as user generated experimental data. The goal of brainrender is to facilitate the exploration and dissemination of neuro-anatomical data by providing a user-friendly platform to create high-quality 3D renderings.


📚 brainrender docs.

:paper: brainrender paper


You can install brainrender with:

pip install brainrender


Contributions to brainrender are more than welcome. Please see the contributing guide.

Citing brainrender

If you use brainrender in your work, please cite:

  Claudi, Federico, Adam L. Tyson, and Tiago Branco. 2020. “Brainrender. A Python Based Software for Visualisation of Neuroanatomical and Morphological Data.” Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory.


The following images were created for the publication of the brainrender paper. References to the original data being visualised can also be found in the paper.

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