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Contacts-SwiftUI is a contacts app built using SwiftUI! Scroll through a dynamic list of contacts, bring up detail views with contact info, and mark contacts as favorites! The app incorporates:

  • SwiftUI
  • Bindable Objects
  • Navigation Views and Buttons
  • Lists and Stacks
  • Images and Text
  • Plists

Custom Features

Additional features were added to the original functionality of the app, including:

  • Dynamic UI using SwiftUI
  • Circular Contact Photos with Shadow

Getting Started

This app is not available on the App Store.


  • A Mac running macOS Catalina (beta)
  • Xcode 11 (beta)


  1. Clone or download the project to your local machine
  2. Open the project in Xcode
  3. Run the simulator


The following resources were used in the development of this project. All custom code is my own.

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