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An assortment of bundling utility classes like a ScriptWithSourceMapBundle and fixes for the ASP.NET Web Optimization bundling framework.

Get it on NuGet!

Install-Package AspNetBundling

Bundling with SourceMap generation

BundleTable.Bundles.Add(new ScriptWithSourceMapBundle("MyBundleVirtualPath")
  .Include("MyJsFileOne.js", "MyJsFileTwo.js")

By default, this will create a bundle with no cdnPath, codeMinify on, preserveImportantComments on, and a source map delivered at bundleVirtualPath + "map".

For other variations of this, you can use the another ScriptWithSourceMapBundle constructor, or set the properties on it after instantiation. A more complete list of some examples is in the TestWebsite project > App_Start > BundleConfig.cs.

Known issues:

  1. A current bug in AjaxMin reported by @LodewijkSioen here, causes the minification to hang when the debugger is attached and we're trying to do proper sourcemapping. As such, to avoid more harm than good, we don't support proper source mapping in this scenario until AjaxMin fixes it's bug.

Bundling with Css Rewrite Url Tranformer fix

BundleTable.Bundles.Add(new StyleBundle("MyBundleVirtualPath")
  .Include("MyCssFileOne.css, new CssRewriteUrlTransformFixed())
  .Include("MyCssFileTwo.css, new CssRewriteUrlTransformFixed())

Upgrade guide

v2 to v3

I've changed the default behaviour of bundles to minify code (rather than just remove whitespace) as the default should be the best for the end user. In doing this, some people using Angular that need DI variable names to be maintained will need to ensure they're now opting in to no code minification with the appropriate ScriptWithSourceMapBundle constructor overload.

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