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bullet : Beautiful Python Prompts Made Simple

Customize prompts in your Python CLI tool. Extensive support for formatting, colors, background colors, styling, and etc. Also supports emojis!

See the sample code for the above demo in ./examples/

News: bullet==2.2.0 is up (Finally!)

You can now download the newest version of bullet on PyPI!

Bullet-lists and checkboxes

Robust support for user-defined styles.

./examples/ ./examples/ ./examples/
Vanilla checkbox Checkbox + styles.Exam Bullet + styles.Greece
Bullet + styles.Ocean Bullet + styles.Lime Bullet + styles.Christmas


See the sample code for the above demo in ./examples/

Other input prompts


Yes/No Questions


Setting up bullet

From PyPI

$ pip install bullet

Build from Source

$ git clone
$ cd bullet
$ pip install .


See Documentation.

Currently supported prompts: Bullet, Check, Input, Numbers, Password, YesNo, VerticalPrompt, SlidePrompt, Scrollbar.


Directly send PRs! Make sure development is done and tested in Python >= 3.6.


  • Windows Support
  • Search bar with autocomplete

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