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An easy, helpful UIImageView category that generates letter initials as a placeholder for user profile images, with a randomized background color

Note: Looking for a Swift 3 compatible version? Check out the new InitialsImageView extension, rewritten entirely in Swift!

Example screenshot



Add this spec to your podfile:

pod "UIImageView-Letters"

Check out the official guide for getting started with CocoaPods.

  1. Drag the UIImageView+Letters.{h,m} files into your project
  2. Enjoy!


In the file where you want to use the category, be sure to import the file.

#import "UIImageView+Letters.h"


Call the following methods on any UIImageView instance to set the image:

  • - (void)setImageWithString:(NSString *)string
  • - (void)setImageWithString:(NSString *)string color:(UIColor *)color
  • - (void)setImageWithString:(NSString *)string color:(UIColor *)color circular:(BOOL)isCircular
  • - (void)setImageWithString:(NSString *)string color:(UIColor *)color circular:(BOOL)isCircular fontName:(NSString *)fontName
  • - (void)setImageWithString:(NSString *)string color:(UIColor *)color circular:(BOOL)isCircular textAttributes:(NSDictionary *)textAttributes

string is the string used to generate the initials. This should be a user's full name if available.

color is an optional parameter that sets the background color of the image. Pass in nil to have a color automatically generated for you.

isCircular is a boolean parameter that will automatically clip the image to a circle if enabled.

fontName is a string that specifies a custom font. Pass in nil to use the system font by default. The list of provided font identifiers can be found here.

textAttributes is an NSDictionary that allows you to specify font, text color, shadow properties, etc., for the letters text, using the keys found in NSAttributedString.h.

NSString *userName = @"Michael Bluth";
UIImageView *myImgView = [[UIImageView alloc] initWithFrame:CGRectMake(10, 10, 50, 50)];
[myImgView setImageWithString:userName color:nil circular:YES];

Saying Thanks

If you like this tool, show your support by downloading the free Turnout app that inspired it!


Using the MIT license. See license file for details.

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