Privacy aware web content sanitizer proxy as a service
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Trojan Go6,29232 months ago80September 14, 2021122gpl-3.0Go
Go实现的Trojan代理,支持多路复用/路由功能/CDN中转/Shadowsocks混淆插件,多平台,无依赖。A Trojan proxy written in Go. An unidentifiable mechanism that helps you bypass GFW.
Proxybroker3,367934 days ago12March 12, 201998apache-2.0Python
Proxy [Finder | Checker | Server]. HTTP(S) & SOCKS :performing_arts:
9 hours agootherJavaScript
📷 BrowserBoxPro - The internet. But unrestricted. And secure. Remote browser isolation product, available here and in Pro for purchase on our website.
4 months ago28gpl-3.0JavaScript
:rocket: Stealth - Secure, Peer-to-Peer, Private and Automateable Web Browser/Scraper/Proxy
Encrypted Dns Server746
a month ago50June 30, 202210mitRust
An easy to install, high-performance, zero maintenance proxy to run an encrypted DNS server.
4 months ago161agpl-3.0Python
Tor2web is an HTTP proxy software that enables access to Tor Hidden Services by mean of common web browsers
Tor Socks Proxy410
21 days ago11gpl-3.0Dockerfile
🐳 Tiny Docker image (🤏 10MB) as 🧅 Tor SOCKS5 proxy 🛡
a year ago3April 22, 202130agpl-3.0Go
Privacy aware web content sanitizer proxy as a service
8 months ago1mitJavaScript
Check if your location is actually hidden
Webrtc Leak Prevent261
5 years agoapache-2.0JavaScript
Prevent WebRTC leaks in Chromium browsers.
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Build Status License: AGPL v3 Docker Pulls

Web content sanitizer proxy as a service

Morty rewrites web pages to exclude malicious HTML tags and attributes. It also replaces external resource references to prevent third party information leaks.

The main goal of morty is to provide a result proxy for searx, but it can be used as a standalone sanitizer service too.


  • HTML sanitization
  • Rewrites HTML/CSS external references to locals
  • JavaScript blocking
  • No Cookies forwarded
  • No Referrers
  • No Caching/Etag
  • Supports GET/POST forms and IFrames
  • Optional HMAC URL verifier key to prevent service abuse

Installation and setup

Requirement: Go version 1.10 or higher.

$ go get
$ "$GOPATH/bin/morty" --help


        Debug mode (default true)
        Follow HTTP GET redirect
        Allow IPv6 HTTP requests (default true)
  -key string
        HMAC url validation key (base64 encoded) - leave blank to disable validation
  -listen string
        Listen address (default "")
  -proxy string
        Use the specified HTTP proxy (ie: '[user:[email protected]]hostname:port'). Overrides -socks5, -ipv6.
        Use a HTTP proxy as set in the environment (HTTP_PROXY, HTTPS_PROXY and NO_PROXY). Overrides -proxy, -socks5, -ipv6.
  -socks5 string
        Use a SOCKS5 proxy (ie: 'hostname:port'). Overrides -ipv6.
  -timeout uint
        Request timeout (default 5)
        Show version

Environment variables

Morty can additionally be configured using the following environment variables:

  • MORTY_ADDRESS: Listen address (default to
  • MORTY_KEY: HMAC url validation key (base64 encoded) to prevent direct URL opening. Leave blank to disable validation. Use openssl rand -base64 33 to generate.
  • DEBUG: Enable/disable proxy and redirection logs (default to true). Set to false to disable.


docker run -e DEBUG=false -e MORTY_ADDRESS= dalf/morty
docker run -e DEBUG=false dalf/morty -listen


$ cd "$GOPATH/src/"
$ go test


$ cd "$GOPATH/src/"
$ go test -benchmem -bench .


Bugs or suggestions? Visit the issue tracker.

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