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markdeck - presentations as code

author cool slide decks, text-only, offline-ready, collaborative



  • converts markdown to a clean html5 slide deck
  • cool looking: based on battle-proven web frameworks, like reveal.js
  • no uplink required, neither when authoring, nor presenting: no awkward moments during presentation (no "I am still waiting for the Internet, sorry!")
  • all batteries included: live renderer, pdf output, asciiart-converter
  • text-only, easy syntax: just markdown
  • fast-n-easy to write: bring your own editor!
  • easy to collaborate-n-reuse: text-only, so bring your own VCS
  • eye-candy: supports unicode, emojis, fontawesome, asciiart, math, charts, code highlighting, recorded terminal sessions, ...
  • self-documenting documentation slides: see the slide source and the result, side-by-side

You can also visit the shiny landing page, the revealjs showcase, or the impressjs showcase.

install markdeck, tl;dr

You need bash, curl, and docker-compose, then run the following commands:

curl -LO
chmod a+x markdeck
./markdeck pull

The markdeck script can be stored in a folder in $PATH so that it can be executed from everywhere in the file system.


... can be found in

how to start from scratch

Run the following command to create an empty presentation (if markdeck is not stored in $PATH prefix the command with ./):

markdeck scaffold

Run the following command to start markdeck:


Open the browser at http://localhost:8080.

edit, add assets/, consult documentation, ...

how does this work

markdeck takes slide-*.md files in markdown format and the assets subdir and renders a html5 slidedeck, using pandoc as converter and reveal.js as the presenter framework.

see the side-by-side view, to get an idea how markdeck works and looks like, or have a look at the documentation.

based on

markdown, pandoc, reveal.js, plantuml, ditaamini, asciitosvg, graphviz, asciinema, decktape, vega-lite, mathjax-pandoc-filter, and font-awesome.

known issues

  • custom layout hard, but possible
  • pixel-perfect layout nearly impossible
  • see the todos

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