An ultra-lightweight database that supports key-value and time series data | 一款支持 KV 数据和时序数据的超轻量级数据库
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An open-source time-series SQL database optimized for fast ingest and complex queries. Packaged as a PostgreSQL extension.
Questdb12,54424 hours ago57July 11, 2023389apache-2.0Java
An open source time-series database for fast ingest and SQL queries
Victoriametrics9,32776 hours ago541July 28, 2023780apache-2.0Go
VictoriaMetrics: fast, cost-effective monitoring solution and time series database
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Apache IoTDB
Lindb2,711122 days ago13April 23, 20233apache-2.0Go
LinDB is a scalable, high performance, high availability distributed time series database.
Alembic2,11810,7267575 days ago119August 16, 202394mitPython
A database migrations tool for SQLAlchemy.
3 months ago130apache-2.0Java
Fast scalable time series database
10 days ago34apache-2.0Scala
Distributed Prometheus time series database
a month ago100apache-2.0C
An ultra-lightweight database that supports key-value and time series data | 一款支持 KV 数据和时序数据的超轻量级数据库
7 months ago5March 12, 20192apache-2.0Python
Whisper is a file-based time-series database format for Graphite.
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FlashDB is an ultra-lightweight embedded database that focuses on providing data storage solutions for embedded products. Different from traditional database based on file system, FlashDB combines the features of Flash and has strong performance and reliability. And under the premise of ensuring extremely low resource occupation, the service life of Flash should be extended as much as possible.

FlashDB provides two database modes:

  • Key-value database: It is a non-relational database that stores data as a collection of key-value pairs, where the key is used as a unique identifier. KVDB has simple operation and strong scalability.
  • Time Series Database: Time Series Database (TSDB), which stores data in time sequence. TSDB data has a timestamp, a large amount of data storage, and high insertion and query performance.

Usage scenario

Nowadays, there are more and more types of IoT products, and the types and total amount of data generated during operation are also increasing. FlashDB provides a variety of data storage solutions, not only has a small resource footprint, but also has a large storage capacity, which is very suitable for IoT products. The following are the main application scenarios:

  • Key-value database:
    • Product parameter storage
    • User configuration information storage
    • Small file management
  • Time Series Database:
    • Store dynamically generated structured data: such as environmental monitoring information collected by temperature and humidity sensors, human health information recorded in real time by smart bracelets, etc.
    • Record operation log: store operation log of product history, record of abnormal alarm, etc.

Key Features

  • Very small footprint, ram usage is almost 0;
  • Support multiple partitions, multiple instances. When the amount of data is large, the partition can be refined to reduce the retrieval time;
  • Support wear balance to extend Flash life;
  • Support Power-off protection function, high reliability;
  • Supports two KV types, string and blob, which is convenient for users to operate;
  • Support KV incremental upgrade, after product firmware upgrade, KVDB content also supports automatic upgrade;
  • Support to modify the status of each TSDB record to facilitate user management;

Performance and footprint

TSDB performance test 1 (nor flash W25Q64)

msh />tsl bench
Append 1250 TSL in 5 seconds, average: 250.00 tsl/S, 4.00 ms/per
Query total spent 2218 (ms) for 1251 TSL, min 1, max 2, average: 1.77 ms/per

Insert average: 4 ms, query average: 1.8 ms

TSDB performance test 2 (stm32f2 onchip flash)

msh />tsl bench
Append 13421 TSL in 5 seconds, average: 2684.20 tsl/S, 0.37 ms/per
Query total spent 1475 (ms) for 13422 TSL, min 0, max 1, average: 0.11 ms/per

Insert average: 0.37 ms, query average: 0.12 ms

Footprint (stm32f4 IAR8.20)

    Module                  ro code  ro data  rw data
    ------                  -------  -------  -------
    fdb.o                     276      232        1
    fdb_kvdb.o              4 584      356        1
    fdb_tsdb.o              1 160      236
    fdb_utils.o               418    1 024

The above is the map file information of IAR. It can be seen that the footprint of FlashDB is very small.

How to use

FlashDB provides comprehensive documentation, see: https://armink.github.io/FlashDB/#/

Quick access:


The project uses the Apache-2.0 open source protocol. For details, please read the contents of the LICENSE file in the project.

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