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Open Source Android Weather Application

Beginner friendly open source android application. The main mission of this project is to provide android enthusiast with a platform where they can advance their skills in most popular libraries and design concepts. You may wonder - why we chose a weather app? The answer is simple - it turns out that weather application can cover just about every topic of modern android development.

Future design of Google Play page

(Note: We don't have an app on Google Play yet, this is just a representative picture for your liking..)

If you are looking for an entry-level open source project to contribute to, you came just to the right place! If you never contributed before on GitHub, you might find useful this simple algorithm:

Step 1: Check the "Issues" tab for currently active tasks and pick what suits you best

Step 2: Fork your own copy of this project

Step 3: Clone your forked repository to your computer (not required if you make changes on GitHub)

Step 4: Write your code / add files / make changes

Step 5: Commit and push changes to your fork (not required if you make changes on GitHub)

Step 6: Make a pull request (from your fork to main project) and wait for approval

Feel free to submit a new issue if you find a new bug or you have any suggestion for improvement

Write your task related questions or comments under that specific tasks issue thread


If you're new to open-source, we recommend you to checkout our Contributing Guidelines and Setup Guidelines. Feel free to fork the project and send us a pull request.


Q - I found a bug and I can't (or don’t want to) fix it, how can I add it to the issues list?

A - Check the issues list and see if it already has that bug. If not, submit a new issue with the "bug" label

Q - I found a bug and I want to fix it, is it ok if I just do that and make a pull request?

A - No, it's not ok. Before attempting to do any work it is highly recommended that you check with the current issues list. It might happen, that there is already a similar issue, and even someone already working on it (assigned to it).

Q - There is no issue for the bug that I found and want to fix, what should I do?

A - It is recommended that you submit a new issue, get that issue assigned on you, and then work on it. Just write a comment under the corresponding issue s.a. "..I would like to work on this issue.." However, if the amount of expected work is relatively small (< 1 day), you can simply fix the bug and make a pull request right away.

Q - I want to work on an issue, can I work on it right away?

A - It's recommended that you leave a comment below that issue, and ask the community to assign it to you.


If you wish to participate, but unsure where to start, feel free to email PO (Serj Ardovic) to [email protected] or message on

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