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termtile is a set of scripts, which set you free from your mouse and touchpad. Don't distract yourself and manage all your terminal windows with a handful of commands.

Now with multi-screen support!

All scripts are written in AppleScript, so they are unfortunately limited to OS X at the moment.

Gif demo

(Tip: enable Command key option in Preferences > Profiles > Window, so you'll see the keyboard shortcut which jumps to a particular window)


Just paste the following lines into Your terminal:

git clone
cd termtile; ./

You can delete the cloned repository afterwards.

Aliases can configure all the aliases for you.

Don't worry about the conflicts. There are three ways of dealing with them already implemented:

  1. If you're already using ll then the defaults can be changed:
  • ll -> fl
  • rr -> fr
  1. You can specify a prefix for all commands.
  2. If you already have a conflicting command and you deny to overwrite it, the script will ask you for another name, so you can choose it for each alias separately (prefix will still be applied).

Default aliases:

  • ll - fill left half of the screen
  • rr - fill right half
  • up - fill upper half
  • down - fill lower half
  • ul - fill upper-left quarter
  • ur - fill upper-right quarter
  • dl - fill lower-left quarter
  • dr - fill lower-right quarter
  • big - make the window bigger
  • cen - center the window
  • max - maximize the window
  • sn - move to the next display
  • fs - toggles terminal app fullscreen

You can always customize them on your own. They always look like this:

alias ll='osascript ~/.termtile/tile.scpt left'
#             ^              ^              ^
#         osascript    path to script     args

They are also very convenient in conjunction with other commands e.g.

alias vim='big && cen && vim'

Included scripts

Currently there are three scripts:


Distributes windows across 2 x 2 grid (affects only the last active window). Accepted arguments:

Quater arguments


Centers the window.


Makes the window comfortably sized for tasks requiring more space (eg. vim). Default size is 1000x600, but it can be changed with the arguments (first is width, second is height).


Maximizes the window.


Moves the window to another screen. Currently only supports moving to the next display on a list.


Toggles fullscreen for the terminal app.


If you're using any scripts, which can affect your dock settings, then it might mess up the values termtile reads. If it starts working in a wierd way after you change the dock position or size please try to reboot your machine.


  1. If you have any suggestions feel free to file an issue.
  2. Pull requests are very welcome, but consider creating an issue first, so we can decide together if it's worth spending time on it 😊


Licensed under MIT license. Copyright (c) 2015 Adam Paszke

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