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Faur is my personal C framework for my hobby video games.

Features include software 2D graphics, abstractions for inputs and sound, application state management, entity-component-system model, and utilities to help with data, files, math, memory, strings, time, and more.

Faur builds native on Linux and cross-compiles for Web, Windows, and some embedded devices I like, including Arduino-based. The build system uses GNU Make 4.1 and Python 3.6 or later.

Dependencies & Path Setup

# Required
sudo apt install build-essential git python3
sudo apt install libsdl2-dev libsdl2-mixer-dev libpng-dev

# Optional
sudo apt install libsdl1.2-dev libsdl-mixer1.2-dev
sudo apt install ffmpeg python3-pil python3-serial python-is-python3

# Set FAUR_PATH, clone repo, and add tools to path
export FAUR_PATH="$HOME/faur"
git clone git:// $FAUR_PATH
export PATH="$PATH:$FAUR_PATH/bin"

Hello, World

The sample project has two files, main.c and Makefile:

$ faur-new hello

$ tree hello/
├── build/
│   └── make/
│       └── Makefile
└── src/
    └── main.c

$ cd hello/build/make/
$ make run

Move the square with the arrow keys or with a game controller:

Hello, World screenshot


#include <faur.h>

void f_main(void)
    static struct {
        int x, y;
        FButton *up, *down, *left, *right;
    } context;

        context.x = f_screen_sizeGetWidth() / 2;
        context.y = f_screen_sizeGetHeight() / 2;

        context.up = f_button_new();
        f_button_bindKey(context.up, F_KEY_UP);
        f_button_bindButton(context.up, NULL, F_BUTTON_UP);

        context.down = f_button_new();
        f_button_bindKey(context.down, F_KEY_DOWN);
        f_button_bindButton(context.down, NULL, F_BUTTON_DOWN);

        context.left = f_button_new();
        f_button_bindKey(context.left, F_KEY_LEFT);
        f_button_bindButton(context.left, NULL, F_BUTTON_LEFT);

        context.right = f_button_new();
        f_button_bindKey(context.right, F_KEY_RIGHT);
        f_button_bindButton(context.right, NULL, F_BUTTON_RIGHT);

        if(f_button_pressGet(context.up)) {

        if(f_button_pressGet(context.down)) {

        if(f_button_pressGet(context.left)) {

        if(f_button_pressGet(context.right)) {


        f_draw_rectangle(context.x - 40, context.y - 40, 80, 80);




include $(FAUR_PATH)/make/

Cross-Compile for Other Platforms

I started Faur by collecting my GP2X games' shared code into a library. Over time I added support for more platforms:

Platform Toolchain Support Libraries
Linux, FreeBSD OS build tools SDL 2.0, SDL_mixer 2.0, libpng 1.6
Windows MinGW-w64 SDL 2.0, SDL_mixer 2.0, libpng 1.6
Web (Wasm) Emscripten SDL 2.0, SDL_mixer 2.0, libpng 1.6
Embedded Linux
GP2X, GP2X Wiz Open2x SDK SDL 1.2, SDL_mixer 1.2, libpng 1.2
Caanoo GPH SDK SDL 1.2, SDL_mixer 1.2, libpng 1.2
Open Pandora Pandora SDK SDL 1.2, SDL_mixer 1.2, libpng 1.2
Gamebuino META Arduino 1.8.13, Arduino SAMD Boards 1.8.11, Gamebuino META Boards 1.2.2 Gamebuino META 1.3
Odroid-GO Arduino 1.8.13, Arduino ESP32 1.0.6 ODROID-GO 1.0.0

The default toolchain paths are in make/global/, and they can be overridden in a project Makefile or globally in ~/.config/faur/ To build for different targets, change include $(FAUR_PATH)/make/ to use other files from $(FAUR_PATH)/make.


Copyright 2010-2022 Alex Margarit ([email protected])

Faur is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. The project is named after the old Romanian word faur, sometimes used in fables to mean wizard blacksmith. ⚒️✨


This is my personal framework and test bed for ideas, and to that end it is a solo project. You are welcome to check it out and use it under the terms of the license, but I do not take pull requests to this repo.

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