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New charting and visualization library has been released:

More details about BizCharts


  • React ES6 grammar
  • Easy to use
  • Strong expansion capability
  • Support most data visualization charts

See more demos.


Upgrade document:



$ npm install bizcharts


 <script src="[email protected]${version}/umd/BizCharts.min.js"></script>

Dev build

$ git clone
$ cd BizCharts
$ npm install
$ npm start
$ npm run build

Test snapshot

Does not support external network testing right now.

tnpm run uitest


Try it out

import {Chart, Axis, Tooltip, Line, Point} from "bizcharts";

const data = [...];

<Chart height={400} data={data} forceFit>
  <Axis name="temperature" label={{formatter: val => `${val}°C`}} />
  <Line position="month*temperature" size={2} color={'city'} />
  <Point position="month*temperature" size={4} color={'city'} />


How to Contribute

We welcome all contributions. You could submit any ideas as pull requests. Thank you for your interest and have a good time. Please let us know how can we help. Do check out issues for bug reports or suggestions first.


G2 decided to terminate the "Experience Improvement Program". In version @antv/[email protected](released at 2018.12.26)and above, all tracking code is removed, no unexpected remote request will be sent while you are using G2. And Bizcharts Upgrade the dependent version the first time at 2018.12.26 24:00.


BizCharts is available under the License MIT.

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