Scenarios of the Robotics CTF (RCTF), a playground to challenge robot security.
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List of Computer Science courses with video lectures.
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Robot Hacking Manual (RHM). From robotics to cybersecurity. Papers, notes and writeups from a journey into robot cybersecurity.
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Curated framework of open source platform software components using 𝑭𝑰𝑾𝑨𝑹𝑬 which can be assembled together to accelerate the development of Smart Solutions.
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Robot Vulnerability Database. An archive of robot vulnerabilities and bugs.
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aztarna, a footprinting tool for robots.
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The Robot Security Framework (RSF), Robot Security Framework (RSF), a standardized methodology to perform security assessments in robotics.
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Scenarios of the Robotics CTF (RCTF), a playground to challenge robot security.
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[DEPRECATED] Sandboxing plugin for launch_ros
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:mortar_board: Video tutorials, slide decks and other training materials for developers learning about the FIWARE ecosystem.
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Robot Vulnerability Scoring System (RVSS) Python 3 reference implementation.
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This repository has been archived and is not maintained any further. Refer to alurity if you wish to access pre-built robots challenges and robotic environments.

Robotics CTF (RCTF)

The Robotics Capture the Flag (Robotics CTF or RCTF) is an online playground to challenge robot security from your browser. It was designed to be online, available 24/7, launchable through your browser and designed to learn robot hacking step by step while competing with other security researchers. In an attempt to facilitate reproduction of results and further customization (common when researching vulnerabilities), this repository provides a list with open source reference scenarios that run in our Robotics CTF.

This repository contains a list of the scenarios available in the Robotics CTF.

Scenario Short description Author/s Status
rctf-scenario1 Unprotected topics show a lot of interesting information. Search on them to get your answer. Useful tools: rostopic aliasrobotics Active
rctf-scenario2 In ROS2, even if security measures are available, not configuring them leverages to the same results as in ROS1. Useful tools: ros2 topic aliasrobotics Active
rctf-scenario3 The dinosaurs are out of control, and the node that controls the gates is not letting us in. Try to guess what the node wants so you can access the next scenario. aliasrobotics Active
rctf-scenario4 Even if collaborative robots are fun to play with, if they are out of control, they can be dangerous too! Try to hit our friend, Pruden, with the robot in order to get the flag. aliasrobotics Active
rctf-scenario5 There is a topic that has the flag, but rostopic has been disabled. Try to use alternative methods in order to get it. aliasrobotics Active
rctf-scenario6 To know more about the topics and the communications between the nodes, use our footprinting tool, called Aztarna. aliasrobotics Active


We invite security researchers to create their own robotics security scenarios and share them with the community. We accept such contributions through Pull Request. To create your own scenario, start from this simple template.

Cite our work


If you're using our work for your research, please cite us as:

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