Alexa client for all your devices! # No active development. PRs welcome # consider instead
Alternatives To Alexapi
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Wukong Robot5,386
6 months ago32mitPython
🤖 wukong-robot 是一个简单、灵活、优雅的中文语音对话机器人/智能音箱项目,支持ChatGPT多轮对话能力,还可能是首个支持脑机交互的开源智能音箱项目。
5 years ago113mitPython
Alexa client for all your devices! # No active development. PRs welcome # consider instead
Alexa Skills Kit Sdk For Java815581110 months ago133August 10, 202310apache-2.0Java
The Alexa Skills Kit SDK for Java helps you get a skill up and running quickly, letting you focus on skill logic instead of boilerplate code.
6 years agon,ullmitPython
Bring both Google Assistant and Alexa to your Raspberry Pi
Tock42336 months ago46November 24, 2023143apache-2.0Kotlin
Tock, the open source conversational AI toolkit.
6 years agobsd-2-clauseJavaScript
Build your own web AI assistant like Alexa, Google Home or Siri
Go Snowboy3115 years ago1March 01, 2019mitGo
Go wrapper for Kitt-AI's snowboy audio detection library.
3 years ago3apache-2.0
This repo is home to Black sheep, muser, random-stuff-api and much more!
Jsmegahal19427 years ago11November 27, 2015apache-2.0CoffeeScript
Implementation of the MegaHAL AI in JS for consumption with node.js.
Custom Hotword For Aiy Voicekit18
5 years ago6apache-2.0Python
Snowboy API for AIY Voice Kit
Alternatives To Alexapi
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