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Truth cannot penetrate a closed mind. If all places in the universe are in the Aleph, then all stars, all lamps, all sources of light are in it, too.

-- The Aleph <>_, Jorge Luis Borges

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Aleph is a tool for indexing large amounts of both documents (PDF, Word, HTML) and structured (CSV, XLS, SQL) data for easy browsing and search. It is built with investigative reporting as a primary use case. Aleph allows cross-referencing mentions of well-known entities (such as people and companies) against watchlists, e.g. from prior research or public datasets.

For further details on the software, how to use it, install it or manage data imports, please check the documentation at:


Aleph is used and developed by multiple organisations and interested individuals. For coordination, please join the Aleph slack workspace: alephdata <>_

If you find any errors or issues using Aleph please file an issue on GitHub <>_ or contact the mailing list.

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