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ESLint rules for Protractor
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ESLint rules for Protractor

This plugin would not only help catch common Protractor-specific errors early, follow the best practices for writing Protractor tests, but would also help maintaining good and reliable element locators.

The plugin would be of the most help if configured to run in your IDE of choice on the fly.


This gif shows integration of ESLint with eslint-plugin-protractor into WebStorm IDE. Find out more at WebStorm ESLint configuration.


Install ESLint and this plugin either locally or globally.

$ npm install eslint --save-dev
$ npm install eslint-plugin-protractor --save-dev


  1. Install eslint-plugin-protractor as a dev-dependency:

    npm install --save-dev eslint-plugin-protractor
  2. Enable the plugin by adding it to your .eslintrc:

      - protractor


There are various types of rules implemented in the plugin. Here is a rough categorization.

Correct Protractor API usage and Common Errors

Locating Elements

Style Guide Recommendations and Best Practices

Here is a table with all the available rules sorted by the default error level:

Rule Default Error Level Auto-fixable Options
missing-perform 2 (Error)
no-browser-pause 2
correct-chaining 2 Yes
no-invalid-selectors 2
no-array-finder-methods 2
valid-locator-type 2
no-compound-classes 2
no-get-inner-outer-html 2
no-get-raw-id 2
missing-wait-message 1 (Warning)
no-browser-sleep 1
no-by-xpath 1
no-describe-selectors 1
no-angular-classes 1
use-angular-locators 1
no-angular-attributes 1
no-bootstrap-classes 1
use-simple-repeaters 1
no-shadowing 1
use-first-last 1 Yes
no-get-in-it 1
array-callback-return 1
no-absolute-url 1
no-get-location-abs-url 1
no-expect-in-po 1 requires plugin "settings"
no-promise-in-if 1
no-execute-script 1 requires plugin "settings"
no-repetitive-locators 1
no-repetitive-selectors 1
use-count-method 1
valid-by-id 1
valid-by-tagname 1
limit-selector-depth 1 number of nodes (default 5)
bare-element-finders 1
empty-script 1
use-promise-all 0 (Turned off)
by-css-shortcut 0
no-browser-driver 0

For example, the missing-perform rule is enabled by default and will cause ESLint to throw an error (with an exit code of 1) when triggered.

The requires plugin "settings" note indicates that a rule needs the plugin to have configured settings in your ESLint config. For example, no-execute-script rule expects configured paths to either spec, or page object files, or both.

You may customise each rule by adding a value in your .eslintrc rules property:

  - protractor
  protractor/missing-perform: 0

See configuring rules for more information.

Recommended configuration

This plugin export a recommended configuration that enforce good practices.

To enable this configuration use the extends property in your .eslintrc config file:

  "plugins": [
  "extends": "plugin:protractor/recommended"

See ESLint documentation for more information about extending configuration files.


© 2016-infinity Alexander Afanasyev and contributors.


Licensed under the MIT license.

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