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Airy Core is an open source, fully-featured, production ready conversational platform. With Airy you can process conversational data from a variety of sources:

  • Facebook
  • WhatsApp
  • Google's Business Messages
  • SMS
  • Website Chat Plugins, like our own open source Live Chat
  • Twilio
  • Your own conversational channels

You can then use Airy to:

  • Unify your messaging channels
  • Stream your conversational data wherever you want
  • Integrate with different NLP frameworks
  • Mediate open requests with Agents via our messaging UI
  • Analyze your conversations

Since Airy's infrastructure is built around Apache Kafka, it can process a large amount of conversations and messages simultaneously and stream the relevant conversational data to wherever you need it.

About Airy


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Airy Core contains the following components:

Connect anything from our free open-source live chat plugin to Facebook Messenger & Google's Business Messages to your Airy Core. This is all possible through an ingestion platform that heavily relies on Apache Kafka to process incoming webhook data from different sources. We make sense of the data and reshape it into source independent contacts, conversations, and messages.

  • APIs to access your data

An API to access conversational data with blazing fast HTTP endpoints.

A WebSocket server that allows clients to receive near real-time updates about data flowing through the system.

  • Webhook to listen to events and participate programmatically in conversations

A webhook integration server that allows its users to programmatically participate in conversations by sending messages (the webhook integration exposes events users can "listen" to and react programmatically.)

Not every message can be handled by code, this is why Airy comes with different UIs ready for you and your teams to use.

How to contribute

We welcome (and love) every form of contribution! Good entry points to the project are:

If you're still not sure where to start, open a new issue and we'll gladly help you get started.

Code of Conduct

To ensure a safe experience and a welcoming community, Airy Core project adheres to the contributor convenant code of conduct.

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