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Image Upload from Android to a Python-Based Flask Server

The repository consists of 2 main folders:

  1. AndroidClient: Represents the Android Studio project which builds an Android app working as a client.
  2. FlaskServer: The Python-Based server using Flask.

To use this project, do the following:

  • Open the Android Studio project and run it to create the APK and run the app.
  • After that, run the Flask app Python file. It is enough to run it in the console.
  • After the server is up and running, then go back to the Android app. Edit the EditText boxe of the IPv4 address to reflect the current IPv4 address of the server.
  • If the port number used in the project which is 5000 is used by another app in your machine, you need to change the port number in both the client and server.
  • Select an image file to be uploaded to the server by clikcing on the Select Image button.
  • Click on the Connect to Server button to establish a connection with the server and upload the selected image.

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