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Create GraphQL

Create production-ready GraphQL servers

NOTE: New command line client is currently under construction


Create-GraphQL is a command-line utility to build production-ready servers with GraphQL and also generate Mutations, Types and more into existent projects

Check out the post Announcing Create-GraphQL on Entria medium


With Yarn:

yarn global add create-graphql

With NPM:

npm install --global create-graphql


You can create a brand new GraphQL project:

create-graphql init GraphQLProject

And can generate single files for Mutation, Type and others:

create-graphql generate --mutation Story

This generates a StoryAddMutation and StoryEditMutation

See more usage examples in the docs


If you want to contribute, see the Contributing guidelines before and feel free to send your contributions.


We love the feedbacks. It's help us to continue grow and improve. Give your feedbacks by open an issue. We will be glad to discuss your suggestions!


MIT Lucas Bento

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